Going through the 7 stages….

It’s tough but it remains a fact that’s never been proven otherwise – You never really know how much someone means to you unless you’re about to lose them or when you lose them. I’m not saying that it’s because you love them any less… but you realize how much you love them at these critical moments… I’ve had the fortune of being born into and brought up by a family of avid dog-lovers. We had one named Peggie, a beautiful creature who was every bit as majestic as her Gordon Setter mother, save for her coat which had short hair, much like the stray who probably fathered her. She had become part of our family way before my parents were even married… and unsurprisingly, she was pretty much the baby in the house… the one who captured everyone’s attention for the most part of a day… that is, until I was born… Peggie being smart, intuitive and intelligent took it all in stride. Growing up, she was my steady companion, my ever faithful, loving friend – the only one of her kind with a wagging tail! I was a mess when she finally succumbed to old age related illness.

And at the age of 9, I got to know what the loss of a loved one felt like… the pain was excruciating… It was hard… the days without her…
To this day, I am unable to actually talk about losing her without tears welling up in my eyes. For months, I used to gather up flowers from my grandmother’s courtyard, tie them into a kind of bouquet, place it over her grave… and stand there quietly, with my head bowed in reverence for her departed soul.

Eventually, we learn to cope with the loss, to fill that void… We go through the seven stages – Disbelief, Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Guilt, Depression and Acceptance…
But there’s this thing about pets- When they die, a portion of you dies with them.

No matter how much pain you’ve experienced the first time, you get over it, move on with your life. The cycle goes on and on. But nothing prepares you for enduring the loss of a pet… it is something that continues to bring tears to my eyes, every time I think about her or the sweet memories of time spent with her.

After a long time spent in grieving, we adopted another furry friend – a cute little yellow Labrador who we named Rocky… and it is from these two furry friends of mine in the past and present, that I find my inspiration.

Image courtesy: Pixabay

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