Man-Animal Conflict

We often hear about man-animal conflicts. And more often than not, it is man who always emerges victorious… while it may seem that certain ‘dire’ actions are taken to safeguard the lives of the humans concerned, there is another face to this story… from the animals’ perspective… and that is exactly what I hope to examine in this post.

If you click on these links, you’ll get a basic idea of the so-called man-animal Conflict and what has got me this riled up. The tiger may be a man-eater but they had no right to shoot it down. The tiger population is declining and quite steeply at that, and no matter how many initiatives are being taken to help these species thrive, sadly many others continue to claim their life. So many incidents of this beautiful, majestic creatures being killed purposefully are still being reported!!! The tiger was a man-eater but they could have captured him alive… How tough could it have been to capture it alive?

The tigers belong in the forest. It’s their domain, their territory, and man, being the selfish, dominant being he is, claims the tiger’s habitat to suit his own needs. And in spite of all of this, men go about relentlessly killing tigers for their fur, claws, nails (that would be the poachers) and some, fall prey to man’s guns because they were not clever enough to understand that man should not be harmed. What I cannot understand, is the logic behind killing a man-eater. If a tiger goes on the rampage killing people or their cattle, a tremendous uprising will ensue and eventually, hunters are commissioned to gun down the man-eaters. Why is it that even in the case of manslaughter, the murderer is seldom granted a death penalty whereas this capital punishment is lavishly meted out to the animals… animals who do not possess our “intelligence” or “understanding”.Is it because these creatures have no tongue or lawyers to defend them? or does that show how far man has fallen… the depth of depravity??

It’s frustrating that despite the dwindling numbers, very little attempts are being made to capture these animals alive, on the rare occasion they do turn out to be man-eaters. It is my opinion that man is responsible for destroying the habitat of tigers, and that is the very reason the tigers find themselves increasingly dependent on humans and cattle for their sustenance. It’s extremely sad that despite being well-educated and well-aware of the fragile position of these felines, men go about without sparing a thought for the forest dwellers… tigers, lions, cheetahs and all wildlife alike. Despite all the awareness programs, the conservation initiatives, things have not taken a turn for the better. I only hope that authorities concerned realize their folly before these majestic creatures get wiped off the face of the earth forever.

© 2014 Shweta Suresh. All rights reserved.

Image courtesy: Pixabay, facebook

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