The Essence of Ruthless Fabrication!

We have witnessed several lives patch up (now that you think of it, It has been such a rare spectacle!)  but more often than not, we’ve seen several lives fall apart at the seams all thanks to THE media glare – the only kind of glare potent enough to claim human lives. Instead of hitting the nail on the head, the “media” (No! I’m not troubling myself to list out all these self-claimed “crusaders of the truth” because let’s face it, there won’t be a single one of these ”media” who come up with the precise coverage and reportage, sans the exaggeration.) With an appreciable number of the population eager to delve into the lives of others, reporting of news may as well be called mutiny for the ones in question. It’s interesting how the media are turning into more of a real pain in the neck. One would think, the original purpose the ensemble stood for, became lost in time.

For a long time now, we have watched them reporting live and offering “exclusive” coverage of the most sensational things that hit the headlines, again something which has come to be associated solely with the media and yes, to their credit, sometimes reporters do put their lives on the line… but rarely do the audience get to witness the dirty underbelly of the media blitz. With rivals vying for better ratings, exclusive coverage and God-knows-what-else, very little attention is paid to the content that is aired… now all that the media wants is to create a sensation, a sensation gripping their audience’s attention with the dramatized, exaggerated and sometimes over the top versions of real incidents! In more than one way the media play a huge role in worsening some matters all thanks to their pitiful sensationalism. Though in their defense, the media has helped unravel many embellishments, heist, malfeasance, and even helped the combat against the king, the corruption, it remains a fact to be seen that the analogy has been proven time and again, in our lives, and others. While the media does contribute a fair share to our knowledge, it remains a much-heated debate as to whether the media does more harm than good. To those of us, who are never on the receiving end of such blows, the media may seem like harmless fun-filled puppies but to the ones in the spotlight, the media remains, much to the embarrassment of the enlightened ones, yet another intrusive nuisance something that’s more trouble than it’s worth.

It’s really hard to believe there used to be a time when one could blindly believe whatever was in print, broadcast, aired or communicated in whatever manner. It’s sad to witness an era where the media is more analogous to a pack of vicious pit bulls pouncing on a helpless toddler… that’s the best thing that can be compared to the way the media ambush the ones whose lives are divulged for the world to see. One can’t help but wish that if only they could turn back the clock to when the media were more reliable, and keep it that way. Ironically, there seems to be no way out of this gravity situation except resistance, and it may be well seen that it would keep coming back to the state somehow. I just wish the media was in that previous state of balance again, for the good and upbringing of the human race.


This is something that I came up with for my college magazine, nearly a year ago. I would like to dedicate this post to my dear friend, Nikhil S Babu, as a symbol of my gratitude. He’s the one who helped me through the process. He’s the one who’s always had more faith in me than myself ( when it came to my writing skills! ) He’s also one of the few who’s always urged me to never give up without a fight… to keep on writing, to put my thoughts down on paper, which eventually led to the creation of this blog. This one’s for you, Nikhil!

© 2014 Shweta Suresh. All rights reserved.

Image courtesy: Pixabay

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