For want of better thoughts..

I never imagined I would find myself staring at my blank computer screen, even after what seemed like an eternity. My mind was totally blank. I couldn’t commit to an idea! I pressed ‘delete’ as soon as I typed out a few sentences. Two steps forward, one step backward. The situation was no better than what it had been over the past few weeks. At one point, several ideas buzzed around in my head but they did nothing to alleviate my ‘suffering’. To top it all, I was requested to hand in an article for my college magazine. Talk about being in a tight spot!

Maybe I was stressed out. I had a lot on my mind, and with my other duties, writing took a backseat. Sure enough, stress wreaks havoc… but weeks later, I was fighting a losing battle, despite the receding stress quotient. I couldn’t quite bring myself to write anything at all. My train of thought offered nothing interesting to chew on. Thoughts came and went, but none stayed long enough to make an impact. I hoped this was just a passing phase, and wondered how long I’ll have to endure it.

Days passed, and my mind remained blank. I felt frustrated, at the empty blank screen staring up at me… taunting me. Eventually, I waited for ideas to spring to my mind, for coherent thoughts to kick in. ” There will be a light at the end of the tunnel” – I kept saying this mantra to myself, over and over again.

And today, everything fell into place. I was riding on a bus, staring out of the window. The wind blew across my face, ushered in an aura of tranquility. I was finally able to think, coherently. My thoughts were loud and clear. And ideas dawned on me like they had used to before they had left me in a lurch. (Yeah, I know! who thought a bus ride could be so fulfilling!!) I guess the darkest hour is indeed, just before the dawn. I daresay that what I had gone through could be termed “Writer’s Block”! (I presume that the term loosely applies to amateur bloggers as well.) Anyway, my thoughts are back in full swing, the screen is no longer empty. And I’m in seventh heaven.

© 2015 Shweta Suresh. All rights reserved.

Image courtesy: Pixabay

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