I swear I’m going to catch up!

Today, I found myself in that tricky scenario, where the number of drafts exceeded by far, the number of posts published. Not that this comes as a surprise to me. If procrastination were an event fit to be included in the Olympics, I would be a world champ! (At the very least, I could give the other champs a run for their money.)

Inspiration strikes at odd hours, and so I start off writing about the odd thing or the other. More often than not, I save the post as a draft, intending to complete it later. And the cycle goes on. That is until I have to literally dig myself out of the mess. In my defense, once I manage to catch up on all the pending work, everything goes according to plan. For the new few days or so, at least.

To err is human, and mostly I let myself off the hook as far as procrastination is concerned. Fine, I’ll be honest. I always let myself off the hook! Procrastination, for me, is brought about by several causes ranging from lack of energy to mood swings. A few years ago, I took it upon myself as a new year’s resolution to kick the habit. But as we all know now, the results was not exactly overwhelming.

I’m a student, and that’s part of the reason why my blog is overflowing with drafts! But I’m going to make an effort to remedy the situation. Here’s to making sure that my drafts don’t exceed my published posts in number.

At least, better to have your hands full of drafts, than experience writer’s block! I should know. I’ve just come off a rather nasty block. My second attempt at maintaining a blog is looking okay. So far, so good! Hopefully, this blog won’t go the same way as my last blog!

© 2015 Shweta Suresh. All rights reserved.

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