Open letter #1: Don’t let go

This post can be regarded as an open letter to anyone who is contemplating suicide.

Emotional setbacks are the worst. These train wrecks can happen in the blink of an eye, catch you unawares and torment you so badly. They don’t leave behind visible scars, but the damage inflicted can be a lot worse. It sucks to feel shattered, broken, damaged beyond repair. It’s easy to get yourself down. It’s easy to spiral out of control, easy to let your emotions guide your actions. Once we hit rock bottom, we don’t stop and think about the consequences. We’ll be more concerned with the hurt and pain bottled up inside. Numbness is a welcome feeling. It’s easy to push everyone and anyone who cares, and shut down completely. Everything might seem impossible.Even breathing can seem like a tough task. It might seem like there’s no purpose in living. You might even start despising yourself.

But all of that is okay. Stuff like that happens. That doesn’t mean that you deserve all the shit that you have to deal with. It might seem easy to run away from your fears. But trust me, that’s not a solution. And no matter how far, how fast you run, problems have a way of catching up with you. The best way is to face them head-on, deal with it in the best possible way. Granted, this might seem like the least tempting way to go, but this is the best approach. It saves both you and others a lot of pain, suffering and the collateral damage is minimum.

Letting go, and ending your life may seem like an easy choice. And I won’t deny it, it is the easiest, but also the coward’s way out. There is always a choice. Suicide is not an answer. Sure, problems might seem to end along with one’s life. But that’s not the case. It’s only the beginning. It affects everyone and anyone who were close to the victim. There’s a lot of emotional turmoil, distress, and suffering. To lose a loved one is bad enough, to know that it was intentional makes it all the more difficult. There are mixed feelings – Hurt, disbelief, guilt, anger, and the inevitable heartbreak that follows.

Every life is worth a fight. Have the strength to hold on, to reach out for help. It shows how strong you are, for holding on and fighting against all the obstacles. Don’t let go. Have a little faith, in yourself and your loved ones. There’s always a way. No matter what, there will always be someone out there who’s willing to help you find your way out of the darkness. There’s always help – you just have to seek it.

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