I’m in a Relationship….With my New Phone

I’m about to describe what happens, when you’re long overdue, for a replacement, for your crappy excuse of a phone! Add to that, the fact that I had to wait for a replacement, because the one that got delivered, was malfunctioning (just my luck!) So, I was like a child on Christmas eve when this one was delivered. I had developed temporary OCD, obsessing over tracking the shipment, as it made its way towards me! And unsurprisingly, ever since I took my new phone out of its box, I could barely keep my hands off of it. All of this, thanks to my old phone with an internal memory so low, that it could barely be called a “smart” phone! Naturally, I longed for a phone with enough storage, to support all my whims and fancies.

And as will be evident in the following weeks, this blog will witness a flurry of activity because the WordPress app makes blogging much easier! I’ve been missing out on so much. They say the new generation is addicted to their smartphones. But I’d say, it’s pretty damn hard not to be addicted to something that makes your life much easier and enriching. I totally lose track of time, catching up on what I’ve been missing out for the best part of the last two years! But then again, as I occasionally point out to my mom, she should be thankful that her child is only addicted to her smartphone! Surely, there are worse things to be addicted to!?

Even though I’ll probably deny this elsewhere, I’ll confess this much – Too much of anything can’t be a good thing. Hopefully, I will get over my addiction before it can wreck havoc. After all, the novelty will wear off at some point. But I’ll enjoy and make the most of it while it lasts!

This New Year is undoubtedly a brand new start for me – a fresh leash of life. So high was I riding on the wave of my excitement, that even the fact the I had an exam the next day couldn’t burst my bubble! And it’s no wonder that my phone’s battery is draining so fast. It has much to do with the fact that I’m using it at what some may call an abnormal rate! I’m so excited, that I made two posts in a single day, and that’s a new record for me!

Good bye old friend, hello happiness! 😀


© 2016 Shweta Suresh. All rights reserved.

Image courtesy: Pixabay

6 thoughts on “I’m in a Relationship….With my New Phone

  1. I’m addicted to my phone too, it’s so bad but you’re right.. Now a days people need their phone for everything, checking emails and what not.


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