The best of Aagneya ’16!

For most engineering students, college fests are like a perennial dose of a breath of fresh air; and pro shows are always the most awaited part of any college fest. This year’s Aagneya was no different. However, this year’s edition was special to some of us for a couple of reasons:

1. This was the last Aagneya we (as final year students) would attend as students of Government Engineering College, Barton Hill

2. Masala Coffee was in the house and set to blow our minds!

We filed into the Senate Hall, high on energy and eagerly waiting to be Kaanthafied. We waited, and waited. To appease the crowd the organizers introduced  India’s No. 1 and Asia’s only twin jugglers Ashok and Anand. A jaw-dropping performance by this wonderful duo earned a standing ovation. But the best part of the night was yet to begin. The stage lights dimmed, and Masala Coffee took the stage. They began their music performance but was initially met with a laid back crowd. Since rock isn’t about being mellow, the band did the right thing by asking us to get off our tails and rock! The crowd of young rock enthusiasts barged to the front of the stage. We shook off all inhibitions and danced, jumped and grooved to the music. It just wasn’t a night to sit back and watch idly. We couldn’t help but dance our hearts out. We bumped into each other, literally stepped on each other’s toes, sung along (or rather, screamed!) from the top of our lungs, tried to catch up with our friends’ dance moves, applauded till our hands were red and sore, danced till we were dripping with sweat. The energy was palpable, our hearts thumped with excitement and we were riding high on a wave of adrenaline.

This is what GECBians had to say about the event:

“One of the best Aagneya. Fun-filled 3 days. Full of masti, entertainment & fun. The best part was pro show. Masala coffee… Polichu adukkkiii. Simply awesome.”- Manju.

“Main vocals verum kidilam aayirunnu… It was so awesome.”- Tissa.

“Had lots of fun during these 3 days of Aagneya. But it was taken to the next level by the masala coffee band with their high energy performance. We went crazy and danced to the beat. The best ending that I could have ever dreamt for my last Aagneya as a student of GECB” – Akshara.

“Aagneya 2K16 was definitely the best way to end our four years of college life and Masala Coffee, the icing on the cake. The show was amazing, moving, exciting and energetic. It definitely was the best pro show I’ve attended so far and its good to know we ended it with a bang” – Raina

“3 days complete awesomeness and pure fun… eagerly waiting for Aagneya 2k17… hail GECB hail Aagneya!!!” – Mendez

“I spent 80% of my efforts in making that pro show a reality. And it is satisfying to know that it was worth all those hard work my team had put in.”- Gokul, the chairman.

“Awesome… especially the pro show… one of the best” – Archa

“Enikkum ellarkkum ulla athe emotion thanneya… nammade last one… maximum cheyyan pattunnath cheythu. Senate aakumbol kulamyi pokum ennu vicharichu vannatha but we were in for a surprise! And then masala coffee… ellam marannu akhoshicha 3 days. Ella juniors… they did a good job. Nannayitt nammale support cheythittond especially first years. Pinne nammade chairmanum koottavum ithrem rules and regulations govt irakittum aagneya aettavum nannayi nadathanam ennu thuninj irangy nadathiyile… dhatanu” – Priyada

“4 years and 4 Aagneyas… with a million memories to cherish for a lifetime… but as the last one of our B.Tech life @ GECB, Aagneya 2k16  will always be special !!! To add on to its beauty, we had such a mind-blowing end to the 3-day long festival with the musical feast by the popular Masala Coffee… what more can we ask for than such a pro show… the city was set on fire!!!!!!!! Hail GECB” – Sarayu

“It was exhilarating, magical, totally enjoyed it, worth the wait, unique in its own way… And the sweat that each and every person put into making this a grand success is something that makes this college stand united and magnificent on its own ground” – Subramani

“4 yrs njan ettavum kooduthal commitment and responsibility okke kaanichitullathu Aagneya organizing aanu… so… next year thottu athu illaandu varumbo… aa oru feel aanu… break-up aaya kaamukante feel” – Ajith

Sreeram T M was too overwhelmed with emotion that he found himself at a loss for words 😛

GECBians adichu polichu and Masala Coffee polichu adukki. It was undisputedly the most memorable pro show I’d ever witnessed. We lapped up the high octane music, waved and swayed back and forth to the captivating music, jumped till our feet were killing us. But that didn’t stop us from dancing till the band wrapped up their performance. Never mind the fact that most of our joints were screaming in protest the next day! We couldn’t have asked for a better end to Aagneya ’16. It was the perfect treat for all the hard work we had put into organizing this three-day techno-cultural extravaganza!

This year’s Aagneya was a bittersweet experience. It’s still hard to accept the fact that will quite possibly be the last Aagneya many of us attended together. Call it senti-adi or what you will, but that realization makes you cherish every single moment. There are no more talks about organizing a better Aagneya the coming year. There’s just a crushing sense of sadness that it’s all over. You become aware of the earth-shattering reality that four years of college life are nearly up. And you would do anything for a chance to relive those four glorious years. These are times when you actually wish that time-turners were a real thing!

That being said, I have to thank an entire team of people who pulled out all the stops to make this event a huge success. You know who you are. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. And last but not the least, to Masala Coffee for that making this Aagneya unforgettable! 🙂

 P.S: I couldn’t take any photos during the concert since taking selfies while dancing my soul out was a potential hazard for my smartphone.
Written partly in collaboration with Siddharthan K.A.
© 2016 Shweta Suresh. All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “The best of Aagneya ’16!

  1. The night of the concert was an unforgettable one. It was a night where I was caught in the moment of the song and at the same time disgusted by the dancing sweaty crowd. An unholy union of two feelings. But I guess that is what rocking is all about.

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