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#AtoZChallenge: Breakfast (tiny tale #9)

She dumped the remnants of her breakfast into the bin.

Outside, on the streets, a homeless girl combed through trash bins for food.


© 2017 Shweta Suresh. All rights reserved.

Author’s Note: 

I’ve always loved to pit contrasting elements against each other. One of the very first poems I’d ever written was about an alligator who kills a fawn (young deer) while its mother looks helplessly. One mother who kills a young deer to feed her young ones while the other is left heart-broken. Sadly, I can’t find the book that contained all of my earlier works.

Image courtesy: Pixabay

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99 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge: Breakfast (tiny tale #9)

  1. One of my college mates once said ” when you go to an unlimited buffet, waste as much food as you can. It doesn’t matter if you don’t eat it. Put heaps on your plate and leave it.”
    I was so shocked by this comment. So many people are without food. Countries like Sudan are facing drought and famine. They don’t get one square meal per day. Agreed that we saving/not wasting food has nothing to do with that, but still we should be thankful for what we get to eat.
    If we get extra money, we don’t throw it away do we? Then why do the same with food??!

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    1. I know! It’s sad that so many have that attitude. I never waste food. I only take as much food as I want. It’s better to take just the amount you want rather than wasting food. So many people struggle to eat at least one square meal everyday​. I’m in total agreement with you. Yes, so true. Many wouldn’t think twice before wasting food but not the same with money.

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  2. Everyday I tell my children that they must respect the food they eat, that the earth has worked so hard to get it to them, and they are blessed. I find it tough to reinforce these beliefs when they see their peers behave differently. Now I have started suggesting to them to tell their friends also not to waste food, because “you are not cool” when you waste food. Tiny tales rock!

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  3. A homeless girl started going through trash looking for food. With everyone deciding not to waste food, there wasn’t any for the girl to fill her belly. She died of hunger that day because everyone stopped wasting and stopped caring.

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      1. If everyone consumed exactly the amount of food that they require, I suppose there’ll be a significant reduction in the number of those unfortunate souls. Also, if there was so much awareness about not wasting food, there would definitely be some kind of arrangement to feed the needy too!

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      2. Umm.. what? Not wasting food = less homeless people? Sorry that makes no sense..

        I believe that you should only make or buy food that you require. But if you happened to have excess food, donate it. Or if it can’t be donated or stored for later consumption, throw it away. No sense in stuffing yourself just because people around the world are hungry. OR if you can, give it to stray dogs.

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      3. I didn’t say that meant homeless people. I just said that such a society would ensure that everyone was fed. Hypothetically speaking, of course. You and I both know that is as unlikely as a world where no one wastes food. (Even though such a world is what we strive to achieve!)
        I know! Eat, store, or use it to feed the needy (people and animals alike). Don’t waste. I’m with you on that. Well said! 🙂

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