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#AtoZChallenge: Consequences (tiny tale #10)

The leaves rustled against the window pane.
A chill ran down her spine.
Her fears kept her awake,
Unable to be lulled into sleep
Each time she was lured in by sleep,
She woke up with a start.
Watching horror came with nightly consequences.

© 2017 Shweta Suresh. All rights reserved.

Author’s Note: 

This is more like a confession actually: I avoid horror at all costs – be it books, movies or series. I give a wide berth to the “horror” genre. Before I watch a movie, I make sure that it’s anything but horror!

Image courtesy: Pixabay


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Am I the only one who’s scared of horror? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

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114 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge: Consequences (tiny tale #10)

      1. I don’t know. I think with age?? Or maybe when I moved in with Mr.R and know I have company to sleep lol He’s gonna have a work trip and I will be home alone. Let’s see if I’m that brave then haha

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ohhh age? I’m 22 and I still refuse to watch horror movies 😁 Having company definitely helps, I think! 🙂 Watching a horror movie alone! Proceed with caution, my dear. 😉 There might be consequences! 😁


      3. Oh no, dear. That wasn’t my intention! All I meant to say was that I’m well into adulthood and I still can’t stomach the idea of watching horror movies!!! Also, age is just a number. You’re only as old as you think you are. 😉😊 Relax, you’re very much young!


  1. Cant even. I scare off Ramsay Brothers movies – quite yellow hearted I am when it comes to horror. I avoid slasher/ zombie movies also at all costs, even if they throw in the occasional Brad Pitt. So pithily written.

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    1. Thank you so much. 🙂I know that feeling! Me too. I’m​ so determined not to watch horror. Absolutely no zombies! No actor can tempt me to watch a horror movie. 😂 But weirdly, I don’t have the same problems with crime thrillers. Murders scenes, and those grotesque details that come with mystery thrillers and cop shows don’t scare me but I can’t say the same for anything with even just a mere sprinkle of horror!

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  2. [Extended ending]
    At last she finally fell drowsy and went into deep sleep. After a few minutes she went into an REM state and was in deep slumber. Suddenly, her nightmares woke her up. Then she discovered true fear: sleep paralysis. There is nothing more horrifying than being unable to move your body while you are awake. Especially when that was the moment the boogeyman decided to visit her.

    Sweet dreams…


    1. Appozhanu aa Boogeyman samsaarikan thudangiyath. She maari he aayi and the Boogeyman called him chakkathavala. Pettannu njetti enichappol aanu pullikaranu manassilayath that he was sleeping in the midst of a lecture. Angane aa dreaminde ardham entha ennu manassilakathe avan vishamichu. He thought it’ll haunt him for the rest of his life. That’s when he got transferred to a university in US. Athinu shesham pedikkan puthiya rulesum Trumpum okke ollond, avan pazhe aa nightmare marannu. Temporarily. Little did he know that it’ll be back again. Soon..Very soon😛
      There. How’s that for twisted? 😂

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      1. Pins! It’s Shweta. Spelling thettikalle😫 And yes I’m in Trivandrum.*

        *Conditions apply. Pins varunnathinu munpe ente M.Tech admission aayal, I’ll be someplace else 😂😁


      2. Ohhh appo hi5! Mikkavarum ente spelling thettiche ezhuthu! Some take it one step further and sometimes address me as Swati or Shruti. 😶 Yes. I graduated with a B.Tech degree last year. Gate okke ezhuthi. Valya kuzhappamilla score. 🙂

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    1. 😀 Shaey! I would do anything to avoid horror. Enikk sherikkum pedi aakumo ennu I’ve no idea because I’ve never really experimented with horror! 😀 Oro movie kaanunnathinu munpeyum book vayikkunnathinu munpeyum I double-check. I hate it certain TV channels just show trailers of horror movies without any warning during commercial breaks!


    1. Thank you so much, Patricia. 🙂 Glad to know that you could relate too! I’ve really watched a horror movie. Enables me to sleep in peace and remain unaffected by any sound! 😀


  3. Love it Shwetaji😀👍👍
    I myself am scared of horror movies but i cant help myself from watching them..
    So i can totally relate to this.

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  4. I remember that one time when I watched a movie that wasn’t really a horror movie, but it freaked me out just as well. I couldn’t sleep the whole night, because I kept thinking there was a ghost outside the window 🙈🙈

    Totally related with this poem 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I derive adrenaline rush from mystery thrillers, crime procedurals and spy movies. 😁 Mystery is one of my favourites​ too! But no to horror!!! 😂
      Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts on this genre. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

    1. 😁 the consequences are just too much! I still don’t consider myself brave enough to watch horror. Thank you so much for reading. Glad to know that it brought back memories. 😊


  5. Hello Shweta! Again, an interesting and thought-provoking post. On the subject of horror, I write it sometimes, but I will only read horror of a certain kind, as a rule. Specifically, if it was written anywhere from 1850 to about 1940ish, I am all about it, and will read it with pleasure. But that horror is — in some ways — safer than more recent pieces. I will only read a newer horror piece if it is in a horror magazine (especially one I am considering submitting something to… you know how it is…) or if it is highly recommended by someone whose opinion I trust. Or if has an attractive title or a deceptively light tone.
    I don’t watch horror movies, usually, but I kind of hate movies anyway, so that isn’t very significant. But the few horror movies I have watched recently do have a tendency to haunt me in the small hours, in the manner your post illustrates.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Melanie! Thanks for stopping by. Ohhh, I haven’t really given horror a chance, I’m afraid. I’ve never read horror even when it came highly recommended by my friends.
      Ohh you hate movies! You might very well be the first person to tell me that! Wow!
      Yes, I was afraid that it might haunt me during the night. So I’ve stayed away from horror all my life. 😁


  6. I avoid horror movies because the sound effects scare me most than the ghost. But I watched conjuring 2 with my friend as it was her birthday request. And I was screaming at theatre. it was a good experience but I always prefer feel-good movies.

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    1. Yes, the sound effects add to the terror! I have heard that from my friends. In fact, many have advised me to mute the audio and watch. (if I ever decide to watch horror!) Ohh, poor you! I prefer feel-good movies too!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I had tried that too but it’s not that interesting. It’s like watching a serial. In horror movies they take more close shots and the screenplay is slow much like serial. Without the sound effects it’s not worth watching. And with sound effects it has more side effects.


  7. I watched a lot of Hitchcock as a child and loved them but must have had dreadful dreams. No idea how we got away with it, it was at my friends house. Now I check the rating of any movie before I watch. 15 is about the best I can watch. Nothing with horror in it or I get nightmares and why would you put yourself through that? Did you say it mellows with age? I’m in my late 50’s when do you think the mellowing happens? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t have much memories about watching horror but maybe it’s because I’ve avoided it for as long as I can remember! Oh and I do something similar to what you do – I always check the genre of any movie before I watch! The lengths I’ll go to avoid horror!!! I used to wonder if it’ll mellow with age but now it looks like I’ve got that question answered. I’m never going to watch a horror movie in this lifetime. Honestly, this doesn’t surprise me. I don’t think I’m missing out on much. I agree with you – why put yourself through what’s guaranteed to be a traumatic experience! It’s better to have a life unscathed by that genre and peaceful nights.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, Lynne! 🙂


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