Life update!

Hello, dear readers! I know that I haven’t been around lately (over a month, if we are being specific) and I also know that I have got a lot to catch up with. I am sorry that I have been neglecting this space for a while. Please accept my sincere apologies. I promise that I’ll get around to replying to those comments as soon as I can find the time. I am currently pursuing my Master’s degree in VLSI at the National Institute of Technology, Karnataka, Surathkal. I had been quite busy with the move and there was so much to do and very little time to do all of it. To top it all off, I have been experiencing a prolonged spell of writer’s block :/ Hopefully, now that I have managed to settle in, the creative spirits might take mercy on me and finally put an end to that nasty block! Fingers crossed. However, now that I have got to focus on my studies, this blog might go through occasional periods of inactivity. Please bear with me. I am currently at a phase where I have got to focus on my career. I’m sorry but my hands are tied. But I guess I can post at least once every month! So fret not. The tiny tales and six word stories will keep coming, albeit with a bit of delay. My schedule might be tight but I am not giving up on this blog. That’s for sure!

On a happy note, I have recently managed to cross the 800-followers-mark on WP! I am so, so happy and thanks to each and every single one of you for making this a reality. Thanks a ton for all the love and support. I’m incredibly honoured and delighted. I hope that you have as much joy and fun reading my posts as I did writing them!

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76 thoughts on “Life update!

  1. Hey girl. Welcome back. You and I are sisters in many ways than one. I too have been on and off for a long, long time now (2 months), but I’m glad to hear that you’re onto something far more important than me. All the best for your future study plans and many congrats on crossing that 800 marl. The Big Grand ain’t too far away 😉


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