six word story #7

Her caste made all the difference.

Written in response to the Sometimes Stellar Storyteller Six Word Story Challenge prompt: Prejudice (Check this link for more six-word stories inspired by this prompt!)

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49 thoughts on “six word story #7

    1. Hey. I did read it. But I might have to disagree with a few points there. What we really want is a financial status based system instead of the current one we have in place. I’ve gotten into really lengthy debates with many over this. And considering the fact that I lost out on a job when many who have a score far less than me managed to snatch a place in the list solely because of this so called system, this is a very touchy subject for me. You can understand what I’m saying, right.

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      1. I’ve seen it happen to friends, family and myself so yes I do know what you’re talking about. But the reservation is for historical oppression for CENTURIES. And truth is (I’m sure you know what I’m talking about here too) discrimination still exists today in India, across almost ALL realms – whether it is profession/education/marriage etc. The reservation system is not just meant to be a sort of financial compensation – it is compensation for the mental, physical and economic wrongs they went through. So centuries of that is not going to be compensated by a financial status based system.

        Financial system would cure a lot of the problems associated with the well-off members of reserved communities availing all benefits leaving nothing for the poor lot, I agree. But come on how many rich kids have you seen turning up with that income certificate?


      2. I’ve seen friends, family and myself go through similar situations so I do understand, Shweta. But the reservations are intended to be a compensation (not just financial) for the historical oppression that these communities have undergone for centuries – physical, mental and socio-economic. Which is why a financial status based system is not enough.
        Also discrimination exists even today in all realms – profession/education/marriage etc and I’m sure you’re aware of it. How often have you heard, “Oh his test scores are low, I’m sure he got the seat by reservation”.
        Which is why, again, I’m against doing away with reservations.


      3. With all due respect Paru, I think that’s silly and stupid as far as explanations go. That would also justify that we could barge into the UK and demand them to give us opportunities for all that our ancestors went through. My issue is that the ones who truly deserve a chance are not the ones who get it. I have to disagree with you and disagree strongly. A financial status based system is what we need. Seats are set apart for education. Athu pinneyum potte. They should at least consider everyone on an equal scale after they have received the required qualifications. There’s no justification for this “so-called system”. Sherikkum oru opportunity vendavar aanenkil financial status eduthalum avar athinu qualified aakum. Allathe ancestors cheythu athukond nammal anubhavikkanam ennu parayunnath enikk valya logical aayitt thoneettilla. And I am tired of being disappointed despite having put in a lot of effort. That thing exists because nammal evide poyalum enth form eduthalum athilum kaanum oru column named “Caste”. But then again, I’m so strongly convinced about this and I have picked a side. You have your opinions and I have mine. While I do not agree with your view, I can respect that you have your own reasons for that difference in personal opinion. So let’s leave this for now.

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      4. It’s moral responsibility. You cannot expect UK to compensate for shit they did but it’s the least your home country should do for you. Think about it this way – most students with reservations are among the first or second generations in their family to actually GET A PROPER education. Most of them were ostracized from their villages and shunned to live outside borders, not given access to even drinking wells until a few decades back. Being part of a reserved community is disability by BIRTH. So how could you possibly think “required qualifications” should be same for everyone considering (most) non-reserved communities had a Headstart to begin with?

        Caste discrimination is real. That’s why ella formilum caste kanum. Every person in General category fights for 50% seats and as a friend, I empathise with your experience but I just want you to know there’s a lot going in the reserved %.
        To each their own, sure. This is something I feel strongly about too, so I guess let’s leave that there.


      5. The way I see it, it’s no moral responsibility. Even if it were, the original plan was to do away with this system after 1960s. At least by then, the ones who actually suffered would have received a compensation. That must have been the plan. But ath ippozhum continue cheyyunnond.. at least until 2020. I’ll you something else – they aren’t the only ones who don’t get a chance to get a proper education. If we have a financial based system, everyone who wants education but can’t get a proper one (due to their financial inability) will get a chance. And that’s what we need. I know many people who are highly educated and whose children also got a chance because of the current system. There are two sides to that coin. And I agree, there are some who benefit from the current system. But there’s also a lot of manipulation going on. With the current reforms of making it mandatory to have a ration card that displays the actual salary and all of that, there are less chances that people will lie about their income. The people you are talking about are few in number, the ones who were shunned to live outside borders. And also, these very same people will definitely benefit if there’s a financial based system… especially the ones who are amongst the first or second generations in their family to actually GET A PROPER EDUCATION, don’t you think? Because of the current system, there are many people who are financially very backward and who have to suffer because they belong to a so-called forward caste. What about them? Do they have to suffer because of the sins committed by their ancestors? Because of something they are not guilty of? Is that what you’re saying? There’s no headstart just because of a caste. The ones who deserve it will have the same opportunity even if we go for a financial based system.

        Yes, everyone must be considered on an equal scale at least when it comes to employment matters. I’ll tell you why. They’ve already received the education necessary to apply for the position. Ellarkkum venda qualification kitti kaanum to apply for that job. Allenkil apply cheyyaan pattilla. Pinneyum enthina veendum separate aayitt reservation? So they are the ones who actually have a headstart according to the current system. Don’t you think? Chilappol even more than 50% polum reserved aayirikkum in direct violation of a Supreme Court order. But aarum contest cheyyan pokarilla kaaranam aa case win cheyyaan olla chances are very less. Achanum ammakkum nalla joli ond and they belong to a forward case, athu kond avarkk joli kittan olla chances nallonam (I mean drastically) kurayum. I don’t think that’s fair at all. Financial based system aanenkil deserving aayitt olla many more people will be able to reap the benefits.
        Yes, it is real. Ivide sherikkum vendathu Ella formil ninnum caste ennolla word eduth kalayanam. Athanu sherikkum vendathu. Manushyare manushyar aayitt kaananam. This is something that I feel very strong about too. And aaru ethra justify cheyyaan nokkiyalum, njan orikkalum ee current system fair aaneno justified aanenno orikkalum parayilla. So yeah, there’s that.

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      6. β€œQualification kitti to apply, pinnenthina job reservation”- being first/second generations to go to college, many are hardly aware of opportunities/where to apply/what to learn. Don’t tell me you didn’t benefit SPECIFICALLY because your parents are educated and employed. Most of these communities didn’t have that advantage – do you still think it was a level playing field for them, growing up?
        I’ve seen the way our college library peon looked at the queue for Book Bank students (reserved for SC/STs) in my college. The queue is of students who have their parents in really high positions, and also parents who are marginal farmers. They’ve dealt with this probably their whole lives – do you think their position and the rest of ours is similar, albeit both parties being secure financially? This is no discrimination based on HOW MUCH MONEY THEY HAVE. It is caste alone. This is where “Manushyare Manushyar Ayitt Kananam” is violated FIRST. As long as this exists, do you think the rich ones would give up reservation? Ella formil ninnum caste eduth kalayunnathinu mumb maybe we should eliminate caste from real-life conversations, don’t you think?
        Many are TO THIS DAY mocked for their caste and they are underrepresented in today’s mainstream/niche professions – hence the cause for reservation (If you think it’s cos ‘only skills are rewarded’, isn’t THAT enough proof that they require some handholding?)
        (Btw untouchability still exists in India). Like you said, they’d definitely benefit more if financial reservation comes through – caste-based reservation is to remove caste-based inequalities. Financial inequalities mattan vendi UBI and all those policies are under discussion but in a lot of cases, such inequalities are not a direct result of birth ALONE (which is why it comes secondary).
        The crowd that you talk about is a very elite one, who will not give up their reservation for the same reason I mentioned. And above 50% reservations are mostly only in areas in states like TN where overwhelming majority belong to reserved castes. In almost all reserved seats, general category competes for 50% or + seats. I agree deserved often go deprived but no system is perfect. Especially when you talk about India.


      7. You never really answered any questions that I’d raised. When did I say that I didn’t benefit specifically because my parents are educated? Almost everyone has Access to Google. So the not-so-level playing field that you’re so worried about will be taken care of even in a financial based system. Skills vachu maathram alla nokkunnath. Have you ever seen the cutoff for various categories for PSUs? Ethra difference ondennu ariyumo!? The margin that’s allotted is very very high!!OC aanenkil you have to be very, very brilliant! Ividathe population vachu nokkumbol allotted seats onninum varilla. That’s where I actually have an issue. Educationu kodukkunnath potte. Ellarkkum oru chance venam. But job opportunities aren’t that hard to find. Newspaperil radioilum netilum okke varum. If they are really searching for a job, then they will see it. But then again, considering the fact that I’ve spent a year of my life trying so hard to land a job only to end up no where because my marks weren’t close to the high cutoff, you can probably understand why I feel so strongly about this. And why I’ll never come round to your view of things.
        That discrimination exists because people are still discriminated based on their caste! Reservation pinne entha. Ee caste enna oru worde eduth maatanam. Mock cheyyunna aalkar kuravayirikkum. Maybe njan adikam angane kaanathond aayirikkum. But athu kaaranam you can never justify this system. I say that’s a poor argument. Nammuk ithu ivide vachu nirtham. No matter how hard you try, I’ll never ever accept that this system is fair or essential for the country. In fact ith eduth kalayenda time kazhinju! But then again, nammal vicharikkunnath pole alla karyangal nadakkunnath. So there’s that.

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      8. I do have some idea of cutoffs, only cos some of my OC and non-OC friends attended interviews. Yes cutoffs are high, maybe cutoffs are higher for EC, I haven’t taken a look at the whole thing across diff branches.
        I understand why you feel this way. A couple of years ago I would’ve come up with similar arguments as you do. As long as you don’t come around to try and see my view of things, nothing I ever say will answer your questions. So let’s agree to disagree and leave that there.

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  1. I read the article mentioned by Parvathy. Till there is an equal level playing ground there is no solution. Our country has a strong system where from center – state-district – panchayat is there. If there is distribution of resources at grassroot level, then a reservations can be debated.

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    1. A real solution is hard. But it is my personal opinion that a financial based system would be much better than the current caste based system we have in place. To arrive at a real, unbiased solution would be difficult but it needs to be done.


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