Prophetic tiny tale?

My tiny tale #39 kind of turned out to be a prophetic one. It turns out that certain users in Europe and the US couldn’t access their Facebook and Instagram accounts. A networking issue caused havoc (read: being cut-off from Facebook and Instagram) until it was resolved within a few hours. Of course, this caused a HUGE global meltdown on twitter. Some of the memes are sure to make you laugh until your stomach hurts! (Like this one!)

Hmm. I swear I’m not psychic! Did anyone have any trouble while logging into your Facebook and Instagram accounts yesterday?

If so, how did you enjoy/suffer through your unexpected break from social media?

Did you finally get a chance to interact with your fellow humans? 😂😂😂😂

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15 thoughts on “Prophetic tiny tale?

      1. Funny how folks say, “Twitter is dead!” BUT when #facebookdown & #instagramdown happens, everyone runs to Twitter to find out why.

        Too bad for them.

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  1. Since Facebook and Instagram was down, I sat down for dinner with my family. They seem to be really good people ! 😂😂 Okay jokes apart, I am not on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, so yesterday was just another day for me 😀

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    1. Haha. That was a good one, R. 😂😂😂 I’m there on all three but I came to know about the outage from my news feed. 😁 But I’ll definitely suffer if something happens to WordPress! 😀


      1. I dint even realize. Njan anzhinne FB or social media prone alla… specially not on weekends as kids veetil undaavum and they don’t let me anywhere near the phone. Appol ariyilla if there was any problem


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