Life Update #2

Hello everyone,

How have you been? I know it’s been months since I went off the radar. This was one of the longest unexplained breaks I’ve ever taken. I’m really sorry! I have missed the blogosphere. So much has happened over the course of the last few months. I managed to land a great job and shifted to a new city. Life’s good. Despite my best efforts, I still can’t quite shake off the latest bout of writer’s block.

Long story short, I lost my 18+ weeks-long writing streak on Grammarly, and writing was the last thing I felt like doing. 😔

To make matters even worse, my laptop eventually succumbed to a rather unexpected (and painful – for me, that is) death due to a combination of old age-related problems. Sure, my laptop gave me a lot of trouble, but we did have our moments. Granted, there were times when I’ve wanted to throw the thing across the room, but it did its best to support my binge-watching and writing frenzy. My beloved laptop is survived by my Kindle and my phone. But lately, it seems that my phone has been eyeing the grave too! It’s as if I’m a magnet for bad luck! 😶😓

Anyway, I’m happy and I’m finally kind of living my dream life. The writer in me has gone off on a God-knows-how-long retreat to probably-God-only-knows-where.

But, now as I’m writing this post, the words seem to be flowing effortlessly. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Hopefully, I can be over this nuisance of a writer’s block soon!

P.S: I know I’ve been neglecting a lot of comments. I promise that I’ll get around to answering them soon enough! 😀

P.P.S: I have missed all of you! Can’t wait to hear what all of you have been up to lately!

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36 thoughts on “Life Update #2

    1. So glad to see you too, dear! Kore messagenu reply cheyyan ondennu ariyaam but the last couple of months have been so hectic! Blog thirinju nokkunillayirunnu. I’m in Bangalore right now. Thank you so much, dear. I am enjoying life, indeed. 😀 How have you been? Kore naal aayi since I last heard from you!

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      1. Aaah! Bangalore. Wow! I am so excited even hearing about it. It must be fun. Your first job and the independence of it. Will be coming down in July, my dear.
        I hope I will be able to meet you then.
        Tell then, keep those Bangalore stories coming when ever you find time. But what is important is you drink every moment of this new step fully and completely.

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      2. Thanks, dear. Oh yes, it is fun! Yes, Independence nannayitt enjoy cheyyunnu. Yay. I hope that we can meet too. 😃 Bangalore stories onnum angane ezhuthi thudangarayittilla. Ini pathuke aa level ethum aayirikkum. 😊

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      3. Athey, Bangalore days aakanum. There is so much there, so much. I still have got a taste of only a little during my earlier days. Sure, will be in touch and let you know so that we can meet up. It will be fun. Akhi and me have been planning for so long, but it has not happened till now.


  1. Hello! I just started following you! I have to tell you, I also LOST a blog post on Grammarly. Beware all! I couldn’t believe it! I thought I had found a perfect writing tool. Never again. Looking forward to reading more of your stories!


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