tiny tale #43: World Environment Day Special

Thousands of saplings were planted,

The ever-diminishing greenery heaved a sigh of relief.

But Mother Earth had more pressing worries,

for, along with the saplings came thousands of plastic covers…

abandoned… left to the mercy of the Forces of Nature.

Author’s Note:

A rather ironic tale, if I dare say so myself. Especially, since I chose to publish this today which happens to be the “World Environment Day”. But really. Plant a sapling. Then forget about it. That’s not how this works. Besides, merely planting a sapling is not everything. Is it? Sure, it’s a start but there IS so much more that we can do! And it should not just be on June 5 alone. Polar ice caps are melting at an alarming rate. Thousands of species will be wiped out. Stop cutting trees. Plant more trees. Say no to plastic. The bottom line: I hope that it’s not too late to save our planet.

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© 2018 Shweta Suresh. All rights reserved.

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Image courtesy: Pixabay

14 thoughts on “tiny tale #43: World Environment Day Special

  1. This message is gearing momentum, Shweta, but if we do not wake up now, when will we? When the rising sea level has reached alarming proportions or when the weather can no more be predicted even by the weather man? Its crazy and worrying. We simply have to change our ways.

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    1. Yes. If everyone thought along the same lines, we definitely stand a chance to save our planet. But that’s the thing – it’s hard to change everyone. Nevertheless, even a small change can snowball into a revolution! We can only hope that everyone wakes up to the reality before it’s too late.

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      1. Yes, that is a tough task. Yesterday, the newspaper said that we only have a dozen years to change our ways, after which the destruction will be permanent. I have encouraged my son to take it to school, form a Green Team and do their bit. We can put a start at least.

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      2. Yeah the temperatures are rising too fast. Some are of the opinion that it’s already a bit too late. Ith evide chennu nikkumo entho. That’s a great thing to do. Ennitt Sid ketto? Yes dear, you’re right. Even a small change can make all the difference. If everyone thought the same, we still stand a chance to save our lovely planet.

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  2. I concur with you Shweta. The post hits home. There is a race between the trees and the plastic and at this rate the plastic is winning.

    Namratha from #firstgreenstep

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    1. Glad to know that we’re both on the same page. Oh yes, plastic is winning and it’s doing so at a great margin, and at a severe cost to our planet. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. ♥️😃


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