short story #6: The start of something new…

Against the backdrop of the dark night sky, the La Tour Eiffel was the crowning glory for the city of love. Mia drank in the splendid sight in front of her. At 24, it was her first solo trip and the view was well worth the effort.
“Who goes to the city of love on a solo trip?”
“I do”, she had replied defiantly.
As her camera captured the historical monument in all its grandeur, the young photographer felt a profound sense of accomplishment.
One down, many more to go…
She couldn’t wait to fill up her passport with stamps…

A 100-word story written in response to the Week 96 photo prompt for 100 Word Wednesday

I would like to express my huge thanks to Bikurgurl for the prompt and for hosting the 100 Word Wednesday Challenge. If you are interested in participating in this challenge,  click here to check out the guidelines for this challenge.

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Image courtesy: Paul Gaudriault


25 thoughts on “short story #6: The start of something new…

    1. Wow! How exciting!! I used the image this week because we just landed yesterday and are spending our first full day in Paris today seeing….the Eiffel Tower! We’ve purchased ride tickets for later this afternoon and are considering a dinner cruise on the River Seine – of course we’re purchasing the Museum Pass and taking a side trip to Versailles next week – but are there any out of the way, must-see places from your itinerary? Lovely to meet you here!

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    2. I would love to go on a solo trip one day. Ohh, that’s such a coincidence, and an awesome one at that. You would really be able to relate to Mia in that case. So, what are your fond memories of the solo trip?


  1. I so wish I had had the gumption to travel to Europe alone as a single young woman — and so admire those who do!! I am here in Paris for almost the next two weeks and am already loving it – as I have many of the other cities we’ve been fortunate enough to travel to in Europe ❤ So very steeped in history, stories, and love ❤ Thank you for joining us!

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  2. Nice story. In the movie Queen, Kangana goes on a solo trip to Paris. If one is comfortable why not go solo. Certainly increases possibilities. Nice story.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohh for some reason, I still haven’t gotten around to watching that movie. It’s been on my watchlist for way too long. You’re right. There’s so much we can experience and learn from solo trips! Thank you so much for stopping by.


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