tiny tale #48: Holed up

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Earthlings used to worship me.
Over the years, worship morphed into exploitation and contamination.
I used to flow about in abundance, clear as the blue sky.
Now I’m reduced to hiding in the deepest, darkest pits to save myself.
I used to be called water,
Now they call me liquid gold.

(280 characters)

This post was written in response to the Twittering Tale #111 photo prompt. The challenge is to tell a story based on the given photo prompt in 280 characters or less. Please visit the link to know more about this challenge.

Huge thanks to Kat Myrman for hosting this challenge!

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Image courtesy: mh-grafik on Pixabay

35 thoughts on “tiny tale #48: Holed up

      1. Fear feeds fear. Please don’t go into fear but instead focus on the good and the beautiful around you. Create happiness in your life wherever you go. Live your life according to YOU. The more we all focus on the LIGHT the more the insanity of this world will fade away. (((HUGS)))!!!

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