One-liner Wednesdays #15



The one thing you can blindly put the blame on when things (read: life) don’t exactly work out the way you wanted them to.

Written in response to today’s One-Liner Wednesday challenge from Linda G. Hill. I’m a bit late to the party. But as the saying goes, better late than never.  Please click on the link to know more about the rules of this challenge and/or to read the other entries.

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16 thoughts on “One-liner Wednesdays #15

    1. I’m sorry. It is the wrong page. I’ve included a link to the original prompt in my post. (You can find it after Written in response to… Click on the link and voila! you will arrive at the correct page)


  1. Lots of people do blame “fate”…I’m getting healthier in my old age, taking responsibility for my choices and decisions, instead of blaming others. It’s tricky, making that shift–but blaming fate just seems so lame. I don’t know what your religious beliefs are, but in the Bible, God promises to bring good from everything not-so-good that happens in our lives…our mistakes, the wrong people we attract or go after, etc. For me, that’s made the difference in my life–my failures don’t define me, they’re part of the grand tapestry God is making of my life. I do my best, and let HIM do the rest! Blessings and love to you today<3

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    1. I’m so happy that you’re at that stage. I still resort to blaming fate. Because that’s the only explanation that calms down my mind when things totally go south. I’m a Hindu. In Hinduism too, we believe that whatever happens is for the good but at times I find that I’ll be too absorbed in the unfairness and injustice to see the bigger picture. Hope you have a great day.


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