short story #10: Lost Treasures

It’s amazing – the things that one will come across when they finally get their lazy selves to finally clean up the messy storage room. (read: the go-to place to dump anything and everything, provided it doesn’t rot and smell)

Imagine Ted’s surprise, when he finally found the slightly rusted but otherwise “perfect” parts that would most certainly help restore the Pontiac GTO.

Thanks to his glorious forgetfulness and his absolute disregard for organizing stuff, he had lost years!

If only he had thought of cleaning up the room sooner.

Then again, maybe his daughter could help him with the restoration.

But Sally couldn’t know. He wasn’t going to hand over the incriminating evidence to his wife. As if she needed another reason to point out how lazy and forgetful he was!

Hopefully, the Pontiac will be finished before procrastination and laziness caught up with him. He was sure that Allison would see to that. Though she was his daughter, she hadn’t inherited his procrastination and laziness!

(167 words)

This post was written in response to the Sunday Photo Fiction prompt. The challenge is to whip up a story in 200 words or less based on the given photo prompt.

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I wonder if Ted can trust Allison to keep the secret between them! What do you think?

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Image courtesy: Morguefile

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10 thoughts on “short story #10: Lost Treasures

      1. No kidding, I couldn’t believe it. We were young married kids who had just had a baby and we needed something bigger than an MG. My dad’s friend owned the Pontiac agency and he said this is the latest car, they had one on the showroom floor, so we ordered one. Had absolutely no idea it was a muscle car till I stepped on the gas. Great memories, thanks Shweta.

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      2. I’m still reeling from the thought too. Now, if you’d told me that your wife’s and daughter’s names were Sally and Allison respectively… I would seriously have to wonder if I was pyschic. 😂 Your first car is something that’s very special. I’m sure it would have brought back a lot of fond memories. I’m glad to have been the reason behind that. Thank you so much for reading.

        Liked by 1 person

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