#AtoZChallenge One-liner: Q is for Queue



A  commonly accepted method of waiting your turn and almost always the queue you are a part of will move slower than the others, and this holds true even if you change to a seemingly faster-moving queue!

This always happens to me. Even if I shift to another queue (even after careful calculation), mine will be the slowest. And what’s worse, the queue I abandoned seems to move faster! It’s really frustrating. Don’t even get me started about people who try to jump the queue only because they are far too impatient!

Have you faced a similar situation? Do let me know. The comments section is all yours for the taking.

This is day #27 of the lockdown here in India. Hope you and your family are safe and well. Stay safe. Take care.

If you are feeling bored or facing lockdown blues, do check out this post:

30 Things to do while staying at home during the lockdown!

I have FINALLY managed to catch up with many posts that I had missed out on. Today is the last day I can stay at home and enjoy it. My work will resume from tomorrow onwards.

Is there any word, in particular, that you would like me to re-define? Let me know. 🙂

P.S: Do make sure that you regularly check your spam and trash folders. Some comments end up there and have to be rescued!

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58 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge One-liner: Q is for Queue

  1. When we moved to Mumbai, one of the things that made me fall in the maximum city is the queue culture that Mumbaikar’s follow in every walk of life, even when no is there to monitor. I have seen que for shared rickshaws, buses, florist on road side, vada paav wala, etc to name a few.
    As for the queue that I get in, it moves but as with you, it’s the slowest…Sigh

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    1. That’s a great thing. In Bangalore too, we have a queue culture. But sometimes, it’s a battle where the fittest and cunning will prevail. It’s Murphy’s law all over again. Thanks a lot for reading. 🙂

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  2. Hey Shweta…as you will start working from tomorrow, I wish you health and safety. Also a big thank you to you and all those who would start working for bringing the life of many back on track.

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      1. Its going to be a walkathon for you Shweta! Easier said than done but good for your health. And one request…no “ji” after Anagha please.

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      2. Even before the lockdown, in the evenings I used to walk back to my home. I love to walk. 🙂 But the mornings can be quite a challenge, mostly because I have to wake up early so that I have the time to walk. 🙂
        Okay. Done, Anagha. 😀 Guess what? I just got a message in my office group saying that we can continue to be on WFH until further notice!

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    1. Yes, it is. Phew, and I though it was just me being exceptionally bad when it came to selecting queues! With the social distancing, now we have to wait 45 mins even to do 5 mins worth of shopping! That’s what some of my friends say. Thank you so much for reading.


      1. Yes, I will reach out to you personally. Just drop your email in the comments. Will notify on you on your comment and also on email. Right now, the story has been passed on to the fourth writer who should be posting it latest by Thursday after which you it will be handed over to you (as you’ll be the fifth signing up)

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  3. Haha.. so true. It is the worst conspiracy when the queue you are in moves slower.
    And yes, people who try to jump the queue. Earlier, I used to ignore them. But, now I ask them what’s the issue. Are we fools to stand here or do have lots of free time in the universe?

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    1. Exactly! I know how it happens every single time! I used to remain silent too when someone cuts in front. I felt like there was no need to create a scene. But now, I speak up. We would have been waiting for several minutes and they just waltz in and act as if it’s perfectly normal.

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