Duplicate ‘Q’ post!

My Wi-Fi chose yesterday night as a perfect opportunity to take a nosedive. So I was left with my crappy mobile data to edit and upload my A2Z posts. The result: my scheduled posts got saved twice for some reason. And I realized just now that there were two posts for ‘Q’. I feel like a complete idiot! 😦 I will try my best not to publish duplicate posts in the future.

15 thoughts on “Duplicate ‘Q’ post!

    1. Indeed. With those two, I would be very cut-off indeed. But my mobile data sucks when compared to my Wi-Fi. It’s so hard to compose or edit a blog post if my Wi-Fi is down. But you have apoint, I should learn to count my blessings. 🙂


  1. Don’t feel bad, just think of it as wanting to reinforce your post! Most people will look at it and know you made a silly error. No big deal, unless it starts happening every day and then we’ll send out the squad!!!!

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    1. Haha, that’s another way to look at it. Thank you for your kind words. There’s no way this will happen again. I’ll be on my guard now. Wouldn’t want that squad to hunt me dowm. 😉 Thanks a lot.

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    1. Oh, that can happen too! I run a weekly prompt series. Once, while scheduling a post, I ended up accidentally publishing it! Luckily I was able to “unpublish” it shortly! Thanks for the reassurance, Richa. So have you found a way to channel your thoughts into blog posts?

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      1. I am now writing whatever comes in my mind in a notepad. Still going late for #AtoZ, but today I wrote a post and the words were flowing without any hindrance. So, I think it’s started working.


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