tiny tale #71: Locked horns

“Mike, the tile is leaking. Fix it.”
“You can fix it too, Donnie.”
“I’ll fix it as soon as you fix the fence, Mike. It’s the first thing that people notice about our house!”
“Didn’t you get the memo, Donnie? People are staying in their homes! Nobody is going to come and look at our fence now.”
“Suppose somebody was to pass this way. They are bound to notice at some point, Mikey.”
“No, darling. I think they would have other things to worry about.”
“But Mike, what if some animal gets into our yard through the fence?”
“Okay, you win, Donnie. Fetch my toolbox. I’ll fix it.”
“Why me, Mike? Why can’t you do it yourself.”
“Fine, get me a glass of water then.”
“Go fetch it yourself, Mike. And get me some cookies while you are at it.”
Was it a wonder that the fence was never fixed?

In case you were guessing – Yep, they are an old married, couple and act like one too! 😉

P.S: Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental and is a product of their own hyperactive imagination. 😉

This tiny tale was written in response to the Crimson’s Creative Challenge #77 hosted by Crispina Kemp. The challenge is to write something creative in 150 words or less based on the given photo prompt. Thank you, Crispina for hosting this challenge. 🙂

Image courtesy: Crispina Kemp

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