I remember

I remember, once,
I had a human form.
But my actions were,
the most inhumane!

Not a day passed by,
when I had not tortured anyone.
They called me sadistic,
They warned me,
that Karma will get to me.

I had laughed at them
Mocked at their beliefs
I was invincible,
Or so I thought.

But death is inevitable
I never believed in re-births
Until I was re-born myself!
As a tree.

Goodness is all that I can do
I provide oxygen, food, and shelter.

I need not tell you more,
Karma did have the last laugh!
I remember
And I have repented,
Am repenting,
And will continue to repent,
For every moment of every single day
Of my existence.


According to my grandmother, whom I call Amoomma, there is a legend that says that cursed souls (read: who were horrible in their last lives) will be reborn as trees. A tree can do nothing but good but lacks the many abilities that other organisms have! That was the idea that inspired this poem. 🙂

P.S: And no, that does not meant that we can cut trees! 😛 All jokes apart, we need to save them. For ourselves, for our future generations, for Mother Earth! Here’s what Mother Earth keeps on telling us in her own myriad ways.

This poem was written in response to Michael’s Tale Weaver – #273 – I Remember Once prompt and Sadje’s What do you see # 27 picture prompt. Thank you, Michael and Sadje for hosting these challenges.

The first challenge involved writing our response to the notion of “I Remember Once”. The second involved creating an original work inspired by the picture prompt. As you can see, I have combined both the prompts. 🙂

Do check the links for more information about the challenges and to read the entries by other participants. 🙂

Image credit- Pixabay- Willgard

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54 thoughts on “I remember

  1. Well written, Shweta, and I really love the idea of Karma as you so described. HA! A tree no less! Now every time I’m in a forest I will look at the trees differently. LOL Much love to you! xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Amy. This is something that my grandma has told me a lot of times. Everytime I look at a tree, I’m reminded of it. Indian mythology is a vast topic and there are a lot of stories.
      I’m glad to know that this poem has touched your heart. Thank you for your constant support, Amy. Much love to you too. Stay safe, take care. ♥️

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Very well taken up challenge, Shweta and loved the poem from being evil you turned into a tree that gives and gives and never asks. Nice what grandmother has said but I too could say what I too have read that once we take a human birth our life is whole and complete so even if we do evil we will take on a human being only say man, woman and vice versa till our evil, evil stops. We have already passed this stage of trees, plants, rock, fish etc.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You are welcome 😊😊😊 Shweta. In reality there are three phases from where we have come. Evolution, Reincarnation and Involution. So as humans we are reincarnating and will not go back to evolution stage at all. We are now only conscious of who we are but have to know who we really are as One Soul.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Beautiful poem..
    Haven’t heard of this story. But yes seems true that trees do not have lots of features like other organisms.
    They must feel bad while standing at one place throughout their lives.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Only giving. Giving and giving! What a life it must be. Makes you feel sad for them.
      It’s supposedly a legend. That’s the version that’s familiar to me. But some other legends say that even if humans are reborn, they will be reborn as humans only as Kamalji has pointed out in another comment.
      Thank you, Richa. ♥️

      Liked by 1 person

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