To All the Mothers

A new day had dawned
And I woke up today
To statuses, messages,
And collages galore,
Each proclaiming
Their creator’s love
For their mothers.
Today is Mother’s Day!
But do we need a day?
To appreciate, applaud
Love and cherish
The wonderful angels
That mothers are
When we can do it,

They say that
God couldn’t be everywhere
And so he created mothers
Undisputedly and truly,
One of his greatest creations.
Their love, dedication,
Care, support, warmth,
Patience, strength,
Forgiveness, and kindness
Are skills unparalleled.
Mothers – the best synonym
(one of the best!)
For unconditional love
Their hopes in you,
And belief in you
Will take you places.

Here’s to all the mothers,
And the many others
Who have stepped up,
And tried to fill the big shoes
May your guiding lights shine
Bright, and indefinitely
Empowering many
In the process.
O! Magnificient souls,
Though no words
Or acts will suffice,
I offer
My love, gratitude
And appreciation.

Here’s to you,
The superheroes who
Don’t wear or need capes.
The magicians who
Don’t need wands or spells.
The angels in shining armour
With invisible halos,
True and loyal to their causes.
Always and forever ❤️

Author’s Note:

This is an ode, a letter of gratitude to all mothers – the ones who would do anything for their young ones, no matter how small or big they are. Happy Mother’s Day. 🙂 ❤️

Image courtesy: Pixabay

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74 thoughts on “To All the Mothers

  1. Did you send this to your mum, Shweta. It is nice to be appreciated but our mums did without that too. Every day is a celebration of Motherhood, like you aptly put it, with all those imperfections, lows and highs. Beautifully penned, Shweta. For this, you has your mom in mind foremost. Please give her my love 😍

    Liked by 2 people

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