Food for thought #2

What’s worse than finding a worm in a fruit/vegetable?

You think that’s bad enough? Think again!

Still can’t come up with anything worse?

Finding half a worm would be much worse indeed, especially if you have eaten the said fruit/vegetable.

What are your thoughts?

But on the bright side, you can safely assume that the product is organic and safe from pesticides! It’s either that or the pests have grown resilient!!!

Today, I had a rather nasty surprise. I found that a lot of water had oozed from the tomatoes – the ones that I had kept aside to make chicken curry. On close inspection, I found three extremely wiggly worms who had eaten more than their share of the juicy tomatoes!

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63 thoughts on “Food for thought #2

  1. My grandmother who does not consume alcohol drank two shots of whiskey to kills the half of a worm she ingested from a fresh apricot. She wanted to make sure her insides were disinfected. I never saw her move so fast! hahahaha

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  2. Yuck! As to what’s worse, there’s the account of a lad who noticed there was a worm in the peach his grandfather was eating. He tried to speak up, but was told firmly that children shouldn’t interrupt the adults’ conversation. The grandfather was King Edward.

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      1. Oh, it can be rather tricky. I tend to lose my patience with it at times. Just select the word and in the menu option you’ll find the link symbol. Click on that to add the link.

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  3. They say that sometimes they put in the worms later on so that people believe the veggies are organic. You can trust nothing these days!

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    1. I’ve seen them in cauliflowers too. But usually I’ll soak them in warm water with turmeric and salt. That’ll take care of the worms. But this was the first time I saw them in tomatoes!!!


  4. Protein! A few wasted tomatoes in a pandemic. The wonderful thing about getting older is perspective. You no longer worry about worms, scratched car bumpers, or red lights in traffic. You see the battles that some people face and the little problems roll off that cross your path leave you untouched or even smiling. – David

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    1. I did feel guilty too, throwing away those tomatoes but the insides were totally ruined. The worms had seen to that! That sounds great. I’d love to be in that phase too when the little problems cease to be problems at all.

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