The warrior princess

Long ago, in a castle,
There lived Princess Dawn who was very able,
Brave, determined, and dependable
But society gave her another label
A warrior princess was unthinkable
They just wanted her to be “marriageable”
Like the many princesses in the fable
Tired of the stereotypical label
She decided to be a rebel
And pull off a task deemed impossible
Off she went, armed with a sword and a cable
And the best horse from the royal stable
Though it seemed like a gamble
She went to a lot of trouble
In search of a monster who made others tremble,
Made many lives crumble
And was one more reason for the King to grumble
The beast laughed, a terrifying rumble
The sheer force of his breath made her tumble
But Princess Dawn was more than capable
And so a fierce battle ensued in the jungle
She wrapped him with the cable
Which made him fumble
Against the restraining cable
Quickly, her sword delivered a blow very painful
And thus she made him crumble
Her brave deed impressed the King and his round table
And taught them a lesson very humble
They bestowed on her a new label
One that re-wrote the old fable
Princess Dawn was now a Dame in shining armour
Their kingdom now had the safest harbour
With Princess Dawn as the head of the Royal Guard.

I hope I didn’t go overboard with the rhyming. This poem was written in response to Saturday Mix – Rhyme Time, 30 May 2020. ‘Rhyme Time’ focuses on the use of rhyme to build your writing piece. You will be given six rhyming words* and need to use all of them (but not limited to these) in your response, which should be a poetry form of your choice.

Our rhyming words this week are:

  1. able
  2. label
  3. fable
  4. cable
  5. table
  6. stable

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© 2020 Shweta Suresh. All rights reserved.


57 thoughts on “The warrior princess

  1. The only aspect you went overboard with was the the beauty with which you expressed it and this one was beautifully over board!!! Our world needs more Dawns who can eradicate the stigma of ‘not competing with the other sex’ but to be rightfully gain the respect of being a woman.

    Liked by 1 person

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