The lone hiker

I am a lone hiker
Who found refuge in an old cabin
The cabin kept me warm and fed
I was a loner hiker who had lost his way
As winter came harsher than expected
Hope was all that kept me alive
Venturing further made me weary
And the blizzard blocked my sight
All the faith was nearly lost and found
There was a cabin just before my eyes
The cabin had wood for fire and food for hunger,
All I missed was the company of a soul
A soul to share my misery in the cold.
Survival was key, so I pressed on…
Every day was the same except for the cold

Yet another day I thought to myself
As I looked around the cabin
A peek I took through the window,
The view was exquisite as the wind had stopped
While the wind blew, there no view
The cold increased and the old scars pained
I have often thought about the owner of this safe haven
He was nowhere to be seen
I hoped for his return soon
As the wood and the food may not last long
And the cold winds were getting too strong
The outside world seemed like a burial ground.
The beauty of white enveloped them all
Nothing was spared, everything hidden
But when summer arrives life will revive
Roads and signs will reveal themselves
I hope I will endure for that long
I am a lone hiker who is trapped in an old cabin.

~ By a dear friend of mine, who wishes to stay anonymous

This is the first guest post on my blog. Until now, I have not featured any posts from other writers or poets. The roundup posts will be the only exception.

But these lines were so beautiful that I had to share it. Hopefully with the support and appreciation that this post garners, the writer will be inspired to write more, or even start their own blog!

What do you think? Your feedback is very welcome. The comments section is all yours! 🙂

Image courtesy: Free-Photos from Pixabay 

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57 thoughts on “The lone hiker

  1. Hi Shweta,
    Please convey to your friend that they’ve written beautifully and that we want to read more of their work. 🙂 With their words they’ve transported us to the old cabin, well done!


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