I wish

I wish that I had known better than to let you go,
I wish that I had shut out my inner demons,
I wish I had ignored the voices that told me to walk away from you.
I wish that I had listened to my heart,
I wish I hadn’t followed someone else’s dream that was forced on me.
I wish that I had the trust to fight for us,
I wish I had made a huge leap of faith and never turn back.
I wish that I had been wiser, stronger, and braver.
I wish that I hadn’t let the emotions cloud my thoughts,
I wish that I had the strength to let go of the past,
I wish I could stop being afraid of the future.
I wish that I had had the wisdom to act in the present then.

50 years later, as we run into each other again,
We discovered that the feelings are still there.
We learned that we could never really let go of each other.
We didn’t waste any more time,
We went ahead and did something,
that we should have done years ago.
As we seal our promise with an “I do”,
I wish that we had met sooner.
It seems that I have changed after all,
I’m going to stop wishing,
And start living.

P.S: This is a work of fiction. 50 years ago, I wasn’t even born! 😉 This poem was written a couple of years ago for a prompt on another writing platform.

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