short story #23: A blast from the past!

The walls of their little one-bedroom cottage were covered with tiny drawings. Each of those drawings was a multi-colored, intricate pattern, painstakingly drawn by Jamie. She loved to paint. One of her most favorite things to do was strike funny poses against the backdrop of her painting masterpieces. Dave was recollecting fond memories of his wife as he stepped into what once used to be their little piece of heaven. A lot had changed since then. He couldn’t help feel sorry about the neglected state of matters. Jamie’s heart would break at the current sad state of their home! The walls and the beautiful paintings were but a sad sorrow of the bright past… much like their creator. Fate had left her comatose as a result of a freak accident, and the walls suffered from gross neglect. Armed with a camera, Dave was lost in thought. Happy, old memories rooted him to the spot and held him hostage. Returning back to reality with a jolt, he realized that he had to find a way to make the place look appealing. Life had thrown him a rather difficult and painful curveball. He was running out of options. Their house would soon become the latest victim to be claimed by Jamie’s hefty medical bills.

This story was written in response to Sadje’s What Do You See prompt #36. Thank you Sadje for hosting this challenge. The challenge is to use the picture prompt as inspiration to compose an original story, poem, or a caption.

Image courtesy: Pixabay

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53 thoughts on “short story #23: A blast from the past!

  1. The thought that all those paintings which she painstakingly drew once would be painted over makes my heart clench tight; only to make it appealing for some stranger. It’s weird how the same thing can mean so different for different people.

    Good take on the prompt dear.

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