Saturday Six Word Story Prompt (6WSP) #47 – The Roundup Post

The prompt for the Saturday Six Word Story (6WSP) #47 was: Time.

I apologise for the delay in publishing this roundup. I have not been in the best of moods lately. 😦 So I tend to bond with my dark friend – procrastination.

Here’s the roundup post for 6WSP #47:

By Zamadlomo Mkhabela at My Soul In A Piece Of Paper: BNow it’s time to walk away…

By Sadje at Keep it alive: Time like flowing river, never returns.

By Di at pensitivity101: Slow or fast, Time always wins.

By Dave Madden at MMA Storytime: One round to make something happen!

By rugby843 at The Bag Lady: Remember that time, you know. . .remember?

By Aseem Rastogi at Transition of Thoughts: His time had finally been up.

By Sirisha Nandini Jala at queennandini: Family time is always very important.

By Jamal-e-Fatima at The Gold Pen: The only constant was Time itself.

By Bold Girl at The Bold Vibe: Time flies, people change, memories remain!

By Susi Bocks at I Write Her: Dead soon. Time is running out.

By Joelle: Today is the time that matters.

By Lauren: Don’t waste time, live your life.

By The Writopian Girl at The Writopian Girl:

“We don’t have time.”

“We can.”

By Aashi D Parekh at Falling upwards: Sufferer; time cut her wounds deeper.

By Radhika at radhikasreflection: The wait proved fatal for her.

By Sangeetha at Gettinglost:

Time pauses

tenderly teasing

teen twilight

By Keith at Keith’s Ramblings: Given time, I’ll think of something!

By Jude at tales told different: For while we think, time wanes

By HappySoul at Live Love Laugh Learn:

“What do you want?”

“Your time!”

By Sanjuna: It’s the time , mind said “go-on…”

By June at jaquintinwriter: Dystopia – catastrophic 2020 altered society’s freedoms.

By Anisha at CᖇazY Neᖇɗs: Time flies, but you’re the pilot.

By Rhen Laird at Cobbled Contemplations: Time outran my shadow, stole dreams.

By Arshnoor Kaur Chadha at thebibliophilewriter: Leaving you for eternity of TIME.

By Angie Trafford at Angie Trafford: Be back soon, you promised me.

By Anish Nair at The Poetic Prism: The clock ticks, life moves on!

By Aishwarya at Kitty’s Verses: Time to welcome addition to family.

By Sobia at Blossom Reads:

Brutally agonizing

Gently therapeutic



By Akriti at akritilife: I’m sorry, no time for us.

By Namitha at A humble journey: This time, it’s not your fault.

By Hemalatha Ramesh at Frameofsoul: Later realized, that she wasted Time.

By Nehal Jain: Time will treasure our tales forever.

By Dr. Namrata, Ph.D. at penofhearts: Time and respect can’t be bought.

By Cozy Quiet Corner at Cozy Quiet Corner: The time flies after happiness arrives.

By Era at The Hidden Soul: Counting last breaths, time ticks fast.

By The Silver Stone at The Bored Side Of The Phone: The race against time is never-ending.

By Ranjini Madhavan at Ranjus travel blog: Wait with faith and hope TIME heals.

By Harsh at Cryptic’s World: Dark times uncover your dark side.

By Nima Mohan at The_tenth_zodiac: This time, last year, was different.

By douryeh: I’ll make time for my garden.

And last but not the least, from the host herself (Yes, that’s me!)

By Shweta Suresh at My Random Ramblings: Ran out of time… cancer won.

Thanks to all of you for joining in. Here’s the next prompt:

Saturday Six Word Story Prompt (6WSP) #48 – July 25, 2020

A lot of care has been taken to ensure that all the responses to the prompt have been included in this roundup post. However, if I have accidentally missed out on any of your stories in this roundup, I am extremely sorry. Don’t be disappointed. Do let me know through the comments and I’ll add it to the roundup straightaway.

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      1. I know. Of course, it’s not good. That’s why it’s so difficult to kick that habit! 😦 Some days, it’s hard to do the entire Carpe Diem thing. So I go easy on myself. There are exceptions of course.


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