Goodbye, Chadwick Boseman

Earlier today one of my friends had sent me two messages saying that “Chadwick Boseman has left” and “no more Black Panther”. At first, I believed that he had left the Marvel franchise for some reason. However, the illusion didn’t last for long. The real news hit me hard.. with the full force of a moving freight train. Chadwick Boseman is no more. At 43, he has succumbed to cancer after a long fight. And through all of it, he has given us so much to treasure and to cherish. He had so much more to give but alas, he has become yet another gem that 2020 has snatched away from us.

If 2020 was trying for a way to become unforgettable, it has already succeeded. But 2020 seems to be far from being satisfied with its actions. It seems hell-bent on becoming even better to make us even more miserable. 2020 will be, no, wait a minute! 2020 IS one of those years that almost everybody wishes hadn’t happened. This was definitely not what we had signed up for when we bid adieu to 2019. I hope that 2020 has done its worst. I hope that this is rock bottom and that it doesn’t get worse than this. I hope that 2020 hasn’t got other ideas. I hope that rock bottom is not the beginning of another steep downfall. I hope that rock bottom is good in one way because it means that we can’t get any worse than this. I hope that what’s left for us to do is to rise from the ashes, just like phoenixes do. And I fervently hope that this hope of mine isn’t as unreal and impossible as the existence of phoenixes!

The list of losses that 2020 has piled upon us goes on and on. And today, yet another angel has been snatched away from us. Too young. Too soon. I may not have known him personally and yet his death deeply affects me. My heart goes out to his family and friends. This must be such a devastating, earth-shattering, heartbreaking day for them. Their lives will never be the same without him. Rest in peace, King. When you said “Wakanda Forever”, we believed. We still do. You may be gone but in our hearts and memories, you will continue to live.

I can’t even keep track of how many times I have said the words “Rest in Peace” this year. I hope that I don’t have to keep saying it again and again. 😦 We have lost enough people already. But that’s the cycle of life. Death is inevitable. If one is born, they will die someday. Nothing or nobody can stop that from happening. Yes, I realize that but it doesn’t make it any easier to digest.

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84 thoughts on “Goodbye, Chadwick Boseman

  1. R.I.P Black Panther, you’ll be missed greatly and we shall forever remember the slogan “Wakanda Forever”.

    Sometimes, I wish I could go back to December 31st,2019; and fast forward to 2021 instead. 2020 is definitely a year that us let us down greatly…..

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  2. None of us had a clue what was going on with him health-wise and it speaks to his dignity that he kept it close. Too many celebrities call their publicist every time they break a nail. No wonder many of us tune out and could not catch this news when it broke. Chadwick kept his cancer diagnosis secret for four years and filmed several projects in the meantime. He has set a high standard that few can follow and that makes him a superhero. I think that what he did for art and film is inspiring: Sharing his gifts and pouring himself into a character, in a universe that millions of people have come to cherish.

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    1. I know, right!? I still couldn’t believe that he was going through so much. He never let it stop him. He’s a true superhero indeed. His talent, perseverance and determination is truly awe-inspiring. May his soul rest in peace.

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  3. RIP, Chadwick and yes a great loss to millions of people who loved him. But cancer is such a disease that it makes you dead from the time your medication starts. It kills your good as well as bad cells. I completely agree with you Shweta. This year so many film industry people who were our favorites have died of cancer. 2020 has come with a pandemic and will many personalities dying too. But that is life dear. We have not come here to live, this is our temporary body and this is our temporary house, nothing is permanent everything and everyone has to one day perish.

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    1. Yes, it’s a very lethal disease indeed. It’s a tremendous loss. An irreplaceable one. 2020 has been the absolute worst year I’ve experienced so far.

      You’re right. I agree with you. Our bodies and this life are just temporary. But that doesn’t make death an easy pill to swallow or accept.


      1. Yes, it’s never easy to accept death. Especially when it’s sudden. I hope that his family and loved ones have the strength to get through these difficult times.


  4. The guy was a real hero. Four years without telling anyone he had cancer. Working and entertaining people. Today is a real sad day.

    This is for Chadwick Boseman:-

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    1. Yes. Four years! He’s not like many other celebrities who are desperate for the limelight. At any cost! It’s a real sad day indeed. 🥺😭
      Here’s to Chadwick Boseman. It’s hard to imagine Black Panther and Wakanda without him. Wakanda Forever indeed.


    1. So true indeed. He was a real hero. Going about creating masterpieces while he was waging a war with cancer. Very few people knew about his actual struggles. A very rare trait in a celebrity of his status. It’s devastating.

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