Cute bookmarks!

I never thought that a day would come when I would gush over my free bookmarks. But that’s the thing about life – it tends to surprise you at every turn. (Well, almost every turn).

Aren’t these adorable? I liked them a lot. No, actually, I love them! Unlike most of my other bookmarks, these aren’t full of promotional crap that I can’t even be bothered to read.

© 2020 Shweta Suresh. All rights reserved.

65 thoughts on “Cute bookmarks!

      1. I’ll certainly try the site for my next purchase. I’ve been staying away from hardcopies since the pandemic started.

        As you were on a break, I’m not sure if you read a post on my blog regarding a book-gifting initiative to school students. If you’re interested to know more about it, kindly check this site –


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