One-liner Wednesdays #37



When you come up with impromptu, random lyrics (that do not bear any resemblance to the actual lyrics) when you feel like singing a particular song but don’t know, or can’t quite remember the lyrics or are too lazy to google it up.

This post was written in response to today’s One Liner Wednesday challenge from Linda G. Hill. The challenge, as the name implies is to come with a one-liner. Please click on the link to know more about the rules of this challenge and/or to read the other entries by my fellow bloggers.

I make up fake lyrics all the time! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Do you have any similar stories (good and bad!) to share? The comments section is all yours.

Wherever you are, I hope you are safe and well. Take care.

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73 thoughts on “One-liner Wednesdays #37

    1. I typed a comment, it vanished

      You know that song โ€œaap jaisa koi mere zindagi mein aaye to baat ban jayeโ€ … till about mid teens, I used to replace baat with โ€œbaapโ€ โ˜บ๏ธ

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  1. The Grateful Dead song Ramble On Rose always had me singing the wrong words, because I thought it was about me. They mention Mary Shelly and Frankenstein and then they say, “Clank your chains and count your change and try to walk the line.” I always thought this was “Thank you James” not “Clank your chains.”

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      1. It’s alright, Jude. Take all the time you want. We’ll all be here waiting for you whenever you have the time.
        Oh wait, I just dropped over to your site and now I know why your posts haven’t been showing up in my reader. I swear I was following your blog but now WordPress tells me that I’m not following it anymore! I don’t know what’s wrong with WordPress at times!!!


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