Food for thought #7

Do you ever get that feeling?… When someone whom you love has died and you expect the world to crash down around you, or at least stop and take notice. But it doesn’t. People go on as usual. Life goes on as usual, but not for you. You can feel a deafening silence. It’s as if your ears are screaming out from the very strain of blocking out all the noise. You keep staring at nothing in particular but you can never process what you’re seeing. It hurts so much that you feel your heart is being crushed by an iron fist… Nobody cares. They don’t even notice. And it makes you all the more furious and sad… And you feel lost and drowning in hopelessness.

This October, I am taking my blog to the next level with Blogchatter’s #MyFriendAlexa.

As the name of this series implies, the idea is to create a spark that will ignite further conversation on the topic. Head to the comments section to voice your views. 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Food for thought #7

  1. Well…yes people who die do create some sort of a void (may be for some time-depending) but then if you look at it practically, no ones here on earth to live forever…everyone leaves eventually. Death is an eventuality…the world has to balance out with the outgoing and the incoming.

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  2. Life goes on…it has too. How long can we be stuck in the moment? In a way, I feel a little happier for those who die…they don’t have to continue leading their life anymore on earth, at the rate people are out to destroy each other…death is a good option


  3. Death is a part of life. And the world carries on regardless of who is there and who isn’t. The loss we feel is our personal loss and it takes us time, sometimes a lot of time to come to terms with it.


  4. Yeah, the world moves on but the people who lost their loved ones, it’s like the world just stopped for them. I’ve felt that, so I can relate.. felt angry too that others just continued to live normally.. unaffected…


  5. I felt that way after losing loved ones over the years. Even more so after losing my parents. Recently, my entire life came to a jerking stop. On Sept. 5th, my oldest child (only 25 years old) suddenly passed away. This time though, I feel like others are having a hard time moving on. Not just our family but, the few whose lives were changed or inspired by knowing how special he was. Maybe I’m being biased as a heavily grieving mother…or maybe because someone so young dying doesn’t seem fair…..or maybe because it’s still so recent, I don’t know. One thing I do know though, my world stopped and will never be the same. I’m just so lost that I honestly haven’t noticed any sense of normalcy.


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