For a bibliophile, books are like best friends… or maybe even better. I love reading, especially fiction. I feel that books have the power to draw you in and take away all your worries albeit temporarily and give you much happiness in the process. Some books are too good that when you finish reading, you feel like you have lost a good friend! Even though we might judge books by their covers, books do not judge you. They just keep waiting until someone comes along to pick them up and read them from cover to cover. My only fear is that there are too many books on my TBR list and that I haven’t got enough time to read them!

Have you ever felt the same way? Do you have any book recommendations for me?

I am still struggling to deal with all the posts, comments and pingbacks that I have missed. It might take me a while to return fully to the blogosphere. Until then, please bear with me!

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18 thoughts on “Books…

  1. Absolutely! Plus, it’s a great way to show your humanity! I was at airport security and had a book on Third Culture Kids with me because I am exploring my identity as one. My bag got opened and I SWEAR the officer did a double take when she saw my book!


  2. Same here….at times I get impatient seeing my TBR list. Worse is that some books which I don’t feel like reading but I feel bad that it is incomplete so I continue reading it … I suppose, it’s a ‘me’ problem 😎

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  4. Knowledge is a vast ocean. No one person can drink it all. The knowledge in books is the same. It is like travelling without having to physically move. The stories unravel and transport us to a new world. Can you travel to various places at the same time? Seeking these answers may help you get over your fear of the TBR list. Happy Reading!


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