The castle in the woods – a tiny tale

The relentless waves of covid and the never-ending lockdowns had affected the magical community too. Uncle Albert and Aunt Rosie were forced to close down their café and retire to their castle in the woods. To a non-magic eye, the castle seemed like a dilapidated, abandoned shelter amidst an overgrown yard. But the castle served as a base for the magical couple’s rescue operations: food for the needy, sleeping mats and blankets for the homeless, care for the injured. Unknown to others, the couple were doing their best to spread joy all over town even in difficult times.

(100 words)

This post was written in response to the Friday Fictioneers photo prompt hosted by the lovely Rochelle. The Friday Fictioneers challenge is to write a complete story – beginning, middle and end in 100 words or less, based on the given photo prompt. A huge thanks to Rochelle for hosting this challenge.

Uncle Albert and Aunt Rosie had previously appeared in the many short stories previously published on my blog. Although each story is a standalone, you might enjoy the series. 🙂

The previously published short stories featuring our in-house magical couple are A Cup of Love, An Unexpected Invite, and The Enchanted Forest. Do check them out.

For the visually challenged readers, the picture shows an abandoned house covered in moss, in the middle of an overgrown yard.

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Image courtesy: Alicia Jamtaas

Stay safe.

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