Saturday Six Word Story Prompt (6WSP) #78 – The Roundup Post

The prompt for the Saturday Six Word Story (6WSP) #78 was: Sound.

Here’s the roundup post for 6WSP #78:

By Saumya: Sound of music, sound of soul.

By Marla at Marla’s World: Sound of his words: happiness, serenity.

By Dee Min at Poems & More: createdbyDEEsign: The sound of silence is healing.

By Piper Pierce at Piper’s Adventures: Revolutionary sounds permeate our souls today.

By Fandango at This, That and The Other: The avid hunter makes no sound.

By Keith at Keith’s Ramblings: Cows love the sound of mooosic.

By Sadje at Keep it alive: Sound of running water is soothing.

By Cheryl at THE BAG LADY: Saturday cacophony with garbage truck sounds.

By Dakshali Gupta at Poetrylance: Sound is the vocabulary of nature.

By Susi Bocks at I Write Her: I will The sound of you vibrates love.

By Elle at Poetic Thoughts:







By Di at pensitivity101: The Sound of Silence is Deafening.

By Barbara at teleportingweena: Haunting sounds of whales – communication songs.

By Lauren: Sound = Nothing better than a laughing baby.

By Vignesh S Raj at World Of Words: Rockets destroying families – Sound of War.

By Ramya A R at Beautiful Thoughts by Ramya A R: “Heartbeat”: the last sound silence heard.

By Angie Trafford at AngieTrafford: Violent crashing… Silence… Cries for help.

By chellebee53 at My Vivid Blog: Heard beautiful sound: newborn’s first cries.

By Usha at RAMBLINGSWITHUSHA: Sound progressive opinions, make a difference.

By Ramya Tantry at And Miles to go before I sleep…: Peace: falling asleep to rain sound.

By Dave Madden at MMA Storytime: The strike landed flush. Then…silence.

By Oneta Hayes at Sweet aroma: Death beckons. Their love remains sound.

By Pooja at Love all or perish: Death – a loud noise sans sound!

By Tien Skye at FROM THE WINDOW SEAT: Gunshots in schools – sound of madness.

By Waheeda: Sounds trampled are catalysts for revolutions.

By Vinita at Void Thoughts: Silent sigh, the sound of compromise!

By Julie at writingiswonderful: The sounds of nature soothed her.

By Kritika at Valorous Bird: The sound of her feet, faded.

By Anisha at CᖇazY Neᖇɗs:

Her growth, silent!
Her fall, heavy!

By HappySoul at Live Love Laugh Learn: Her alarm: “Suprabhata” on grandpa’s player.

And last but not the least, from the host (Yes, that’s me!)

By Shweta Suresh at My Random Ramblings: Captor slept soundly. His victim escaped!

A lot of care has been taken to ensure that all the responses to the prompt have been included in this roundup post. However, if I have accidentally missed out on any of your stories in this roundup, I am extremely sorry. Don’t be disappointed. Do let me know through the comments and I’ll add it to the roundup straightaway.

This week’s 6WSP is up. Click here to see the 6WSP #79 post.

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57 thoughts on “Saturday Six Word Story Prompt (6WSP) #78 – The Roundup Post

  1. I always enjoy reading this post every Saturday! It’s so interesting to see so many different perspectives! Kudos to you for creating such a fantastic community! I love the one about sound of silence 🖤🤗

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m no expert on WordPress, but I would assume it takes you longer to find and compile the list than there are letters in all of the stories combined. And for that, you have my undying respect 🙏🏻

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh I missed this one but love the responses.
    Im sitting outside listening to the beautiful song of the birds and my husband says, don’t you hate these birds coming back and forth and this is a whole new batch. I laugh cuz i’m reading this thinking how lovely they are.



    Shrilling to some, music to another

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha. Yes, bird songs are very beautiful indeed but some people might tend to agree! Yes, I had noticed your absence.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the responses.

      Thanks for joining in with your response, Cindy. That’s a great take! ❤️🤗 I love it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. A new prompt will be up every Saturday at 8PM IST. 😃
        It’s okay. We all miss a few writing prompts at times. I hope I’ll be able to count your response in for the coming week’s roundup post. ❤️🤗

        Liked by 1 person

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