The golden rays recede
Forced to retreat, to withdraw,
As twilight chases the day away
Drawing the curtains temporarily
On the daily war waged in the skies
Turning the tables in the battle
between the Sun and the Moon,
As the balance shifts
From the light to the dark
The Sun makes his way to the Horizon
And the Moon rises up to claim his spot

Slowly making his descend,
The Sun slowly vanishes from view
Amidst an ever-changing spectrum
Of pinks, reds, purples and yellows.
Even from his hiding spot
Beneath the Horizon
His rays turn orange-red
And they paint a mesmerizing sight
Against an ever-changing canvas

Twilight takes over at last
Magnificent in her beauty
Belonging neither to the Sun
Nor the Moon
Neither to light nor dark
Her beauty a cause
For the eternal tug of war
Between the Sun and the Moon.

I love sunrises and sunsets, the break of dawn, twilight, and the fall of night. The sky looks so glorious and it always seems too beautiful for words. I have tried my best to capture the transition from day to twilight. I hope that you enjoyed this one. What’s your favorite time of the day?

This post was written in response to Eugi’s Weekly prompt for this week – Twilight. The challenge is to go where the prompt leads you and publish a post on your own blog that responds to the given word or image prompt. Click on the link to know more about this challenge and to read the entries by my fellow bloggers. Thank you, Eugenia for hosting this challenge. πŸ™‚

For the visually challenged readers, the given image prompt shows a computerized image of sunset between two mountains at a distance amidst a forest of pine trees with a river flowing through it.

Image courtesy: ParallelVisionΒ fromΒ Pixabay

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185 thoughts on “Twilight

  1. You ONE HUNDRED PERCENT have perfectly captured the transition from day to twilight. Your words here were beautiful, mesmerising. I love how you built up incredibly creative imagery by using anthropomorphism and giving the sun, moon, and twilight human qualities. Sometimes it helps us to be able to appreciate the true majesty of natural elements like this when they’re compared to things that we can easily understand.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Aww, Simone. That’s a lovely analysis and interpretation of my poem. I was afraid if I had not done enough justice to the image I had in my mind while writing this. Thanks a lot for your encouraging words. It means the world to me. I’m glad that you loved my work. Thanks a lot for all the love you’ve been showering on my posts today β€οΈπŸ€—πŸ˜Š

      Liked by 1 person

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