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Something that almost everyone enjoys watching from the sidelines but few dare to take up professionally, but only a select few people manage to have highly successful careers,

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Even when we were in schools, sports had less priority compared to the subjects we had to study. The few study periods set apart for physical activity will invariably be “stolen” by teachers of more “serious” subjects in a bid to complete the syllabus! This might probably be an Indian scenario but most parents aren’t willing to back their children to take up sports professionally at the cost of their education. They might be die-hard fans of a particular sport and yet they would think twice and still dissuade their children from going down that path. But then again, I am not a parent yet, so I guess I am not fit to judge!

What do you think? Do let me know in the comments section.

Wherever you are, I hope you are safe and well. Take care.

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57 thoughts on “One-liner Wednesdays #52

  1. Choosing sports as a profession in our country is kinda twisted dare to accept.
    First of all, we talk about not winning enough medals with over a billion population. But, no one would say that uhh sports are given the least priority among all the subjects in school.
    There is no fund & factual planning for young kids who wish to pursue any sports field.

    Another thing is that only cricket is rich among all the other sports. We’ve seen many news and articles about ex-athletes working as vendors to earn bread and butter. That’s the harsh reality.
    PS. One injury and blah! career gone.
    So, these might be some things that scare the folks to allow their kids to pursue sports.

    A very good topic to discuss on, Shweta.
    Hope you’re safe too.

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    1. Those are facts too. It is a risk and a challenge indeed. And yes, cricket seems to be quite dominating indeed. Other sports don’t get much support or recognition when compared to that! It is definitely not a safe option. That is why many steer away from it! Thanks for sharing your thoughts in such detail! πŸ™‚
      I am safe. I hope you and your family are safe too. Take care.


    1. Oh yes. It definitely depends on the kid’s interests too. But even if they are interested and talented, many don’t get the support that they need. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts


  2. Nice one Shweta!
    I think mu experience with sports has been quite the opposite. My school focused toooo much on sports. And I have never ever been a person who liked sports. Yes, I played with friends as a child obviously, but I prefer to stay away from sports as much as I can.
    Our teachers used to take some extra classes in the games period as well, but funnily enough, in 9th and 10th, my class didn’t mind. Cause almost all of my classmates didn’t like sports either (I was ecstatic when I got to know about it) and those few who did anyways bunked and remained in the field all day long.
    Actually, I have met many people who think that dance is not as physically straining as sports, and that irks me a lotπŸ˜‚ Because it surely is!
    Anyways, that was a little story from my sideπŸ™ƒ

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    1. Oh, you were very lucky indeed. Most of our games periods were traded for actual classes. But when managed to get one, we played around and made the most of it! I was not very athletic either.
      Oh, dancing is physically straining! Those people should have been made to dance for an hour. They would have revised their statements in that case! No wonder that irks you. Thanks for sharing your story, Ishita. I didn’t know you were a dancer! πŸ˜ƒ

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      1. I used to be the one bunking games classes to sit in the classroom, finish hw and eat with my friendsπŸ˜‚
        I know right?! Yes, I am a professional kathak dancer and currently learning contemporary and jazz!

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      2. That’s great. Fun times indeed.
        Oh wow. That’s great, Ishita. Kathak dance form is so beautiful! You just have been learning dance for a long time, right? That’s great 😍
        I am extremely clumsy and the opposite of graceful when it comes to dance. So I admire the ones who can actually dance!

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      3. Yep, I started learning kathak when I was 4 years old. It was probably a kind of legacy, my mom and my Nani, both are trained in kathak as well. Thanks a lot!❀
        I admire people who can sing! Because my voice is not exactly what someone would describe as melodiousπŸ˜†

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      4. Oh wow. That’s great. I am glad that you are following in their footsteps. It is a great legacy to be cherished and upheld indeed. True, I admire the ones blessed with a lovely voice too!

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  3. Very true. When I was in school most of the physical fitness classes were borrowed by other subject teachers . Sports was less of an option in those days. But things are changing now I guess

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    1. True. Sports must be inculcated. It can help us stay in shape and make exercise seem like less of a chore. I’m bad at sports too. Hi5, Hema. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts


    1. Yes. Unfortunately this keeps happening. The only time people are passionate about sports and athletic activities are during world cups, matches, National Games and the Olympics! I hope that it changes soon. Thanks, dear.

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