Friends ❤️

Family unconnected by blood, and yet close-knit 
Real friends stay close to us 
In every sickness and health, they will be there 
Every joy and sorrow seems better with them 
No matter what life throws at us, 
Darkness or light, they don't care, 
So long as you go through it together! 

A true friend is precious and dependable, 
Rare, sincere and loyal to a fault 
Even one such friend is worth a million people! 
Always, you can count on them! 

True friendship never dies, 
Rather it grows stronger and powerful 
Even though miles may separate you 
All that distance is just physical 
Separation is something our hearts don't know! 
Ugly or pretty moments - friends will always stay. 
Remember, friends are a treasure that 
Everybody is not lucky enough to have. 

Did you find the not-so-hidden message? Friends are a treasure worth having. Life would be extremely dull without them. I dedicate this poem to all my friends across the globe. Thank you for making my life a lot better! This is also my first acrostic poem!

Since today is Friendship day, I decided to repost this poem about friends. Happy Friendship day to you, my virtual friends.

This poem was my entry for the Thursday Poetry competition once upon a time! The topic was for Friendship. Click on the link to know more about this challenge. Thank you, Phoenix for running this challenge. 🙂

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192 thoughts on “Friends ❤️

  1. I recently came across few of your blogs and I will say that everything you write is beautiful but simple. Being new to blogging myself, seeing your writing has inspired me to continue working on my blogs myself. So thank you for your words and I look forwarding to reading more from you in future. I’m truly a fan.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Hizana. That’s so kind of you. I’m truly delighted that you liked my blog and its content. I’m glad that it has inspired you to write more. Thank you for reading. I’m really touched by your words. That’s so sweet of you.. Thank you so much 😃🤗

      Liked by 1 person

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