character unfurls
like petals in a flower
uncovered by time

It takes time to completely know a person. It takes some for most character traits to truly reveal themselves. Sometimes, we never truly know a person. We only see what they choose to show us. What are your thoughts on this?

This post was written in response to Eugi’s Weekly prompt for this week – Petals. The challenge is to go where the prompt leads you and publish a post on your own blog that responds to the given word or image prompt. Click on the link to know more about this challenge and to read the entries by my fellow bloggers. Thank you, Eugenia for hosting this challenge. 🙂

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Image courtesy: Pixabay

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122 thoughts on “Unfurling

  1. I always say that you don’t really know someone until you know them for at least several months. Although, some people you can figure out pretty quickly once you have had more life experience with figuring people out. It’s important to trust your intuition on these things and it’s crazy how the world tells us to ignore it

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  2. Lovely post and lovely words……When I agree with you completely that we may not know a person at all in our entire lifetime, it is also true that sometimes people’s character unfurls depending on how we deal with them, and there the onus lies on us too……

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    1. Thank you so much. I think that a person can adjust their behaviour based on our actions but their true character remains the same. Of course, there are certain traits that modify based on the way we deal with them or treat them.

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  3. Exactly Shweta, We only see what they choose to show us. Sometimes being n mingling personally may help us to know about the person. Assuming also is horrible sometimes. I strongly agree with your opinions which are very close to reality.

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  4. I think we all show a side of us that we think others will like. It isn’t pretense as such, but only a portion of who we really are. We do show more when we get comfortable with the idea that the relationship is going to last. Even then I don’t think we ever really know everything about each other. Besides we constantly growing and changing, so it is kinda impossible to know everything about someone else.

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    1. True. We tend to keep our best foot forward. Truly knowing someone is impossible. We can’t even know ourselves completely. You’ve made a very valid point. We’re all growing and evolving, so we are not the person we used to be. The same goes for others too.

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