Nature’s Miracles

Dark clouds spread across the grey skies
drops of water are like their tears
droplets that spill with burden grows too heavy
The rain is a little more than what nature can bear
Nature weeps at the injustice meted out to her
She must wonder how cruel any being could be
especially one that she has helped to nurture and evolve
with her prolific sight and feel to behold
from the trees, flowers, mountains and hills to the sea.
Every moment she gave birth to miracles
flowers in bloom to vicious volcanoes spewing fiery lava
No matter what she does, we are the same too
kind, unpredictable, cruel, avenging or helpful.
But unlike Nature, we are powerless
We rely on her resources for sustenance
We do not realise how effortlessly 
We exploit her and take her for granted.
Patiently, she forgives us for our trespasses
hoping that we won't repeat them
It is a basic human nature 
to expect that others won't repeat the same mistakes
Hard as it is to forgive them, we try to do that
Our mind doesn't let us do so joyfully but
We have nature alongside to take inspiration from.
If only we could be more like Mother Nature
patient, benevolent and forgiving.
If only we were more like Mother Nature
The world would be a much better place indeed

I have written a lot about Nature. This poem was a product of a collaboration with the lovely Aarushi Sehgal. She has a food blog by the name of LITTLE CHEF’S APRON where she posts delightful recipes and a creative writing blog by the name of Burn The Writing Oil. Do check out blogs and show some love.

This post is a part of the ‘Blogchatter Half Marathon’ campaign.

For the visually challenged readers, the given image prompt shows an image of the sun setting against a dark purple pinkiest sky. The sun is seen through a round hole in the branches of a lone tree on an island surrounded by water.

Image courtesy: Bessi from Pixabay

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113 thoughts on “Nature’s Miracles

  1. It’s sensational….the words are soo beautifully expressed in this poem ,brilliant composition of words….loved the concept of inspiration from nature…❤💛💙💚💜

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Wooowww! Amazingly beautiful..
    We really don’t need to blame others instead if we do our part and encourage others to do then absolutely we can bring big changes. Very beautifully written. It’s always too late when we really start valuing something. Still, looking positively if we do our part then that’s beautiful.
    I loved the flow you created. So powerful


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