#AtoZChallenge: Queue in the cafe (short story #1)

The coffee shop was packed to its full capacity on that Monday morning. The queue that had formed twisted and filled the tiny shop. Ryan came bursting in through the door, his chest heaving with exertion. Breathing heavily and nervously glancing at his watch, he stumbled to a stop in front of Martha who was … Continue reading #AtoZChallenge: Queue in the cafe (short story #1)

#AtoZChallenge: Picking up pieces (tiny tale #24)

woman, she

He bent to pick up the pieces of her that were scattered across the floor. He had been doing it for a while and that day he decided that he couldn't do it anymore. "That's it. I'm going to buy her something to help with the hair fall!", he resolved to himself. Author's Note: I'd my … Continue reading #AtoZChallenge: Picking up pieces (tiny tale #24)

#AtoZChallenge: One (tiny tale #23)

A mark. Just one mark. That was all that stood between him and his dream college. Here are the links to my other #AtoZChallenge tiny tales. Click on any letter to read the corresponding tiny tale. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Please don't … Continue reading #AtoZChallenge: One (tiny tale #23)

#AtoZChallenge: No place like home (tiny tale #21)

She travelled far and wide, explored the world, going wherever her heart led her. She experienced the different cultures, took in all the beautiful sights her journey presented, tasted the different cuisines, and interacted with a multitude of people all over the globe. Though she loved to travel and explore new places, She often thought … Continue reading #AtoZChallenge: No place like home (tiny tale #21)

#AtoZChallenge: Missing you (tiny tale #20)

This has been the longest I've been away from you I miss being near you, I long to hear your chiming voice. Time seems to pass excruciatingly slow, Every passing moment makes me think of you, I'm missing you like crazy, It makes me wonder if you'll be waiting for me... With missed calls, texts, … Continue reading #AtoZChallenge: Missing you (tiny tale #20)