10 of My Favourite Feelings x 2

I was nominated for this tag by Saumya and Pooja. It's been a while since they nominated me. Thank you for nominating me. My hectic work schedule, aided by my abundant procrastination can be blamed for the delay. But as they say, better late than never! About the Tag  The tag is the brainchild of Xandria. In … Continue reading 10 of My Favourite Feelings x 2

The Blogger Tag

I want to thank Pooja for nominating me. She is an amazing blogger who writes amazing, insightful articles. She regularly publishes a great compilation of quotes that are so inspiring! She is an awesome blogger. If you aren't following her already do check  out her blog and show your support by a like, comment, share or follow … Continue reading The Blogger Tag

The Ultimate Book Tag

I had initially thought that I'll do this tag after the A to Z Challenge was over. But since it's the World Book Day, I decided that today was the perfect day for publishing this post. I saw this tag the other day on The Jouska Blog and decided to give it a go! Do visit her blog and … Continue reading The Ultimate Book Tag