six word story #44

Snide remarks only fuelled her determination. This post was written in response to Fandango's One-Word Challenge for the day: snide. Click here to know more about this challenge and to read entries from my fellow bloggers. On an entirely different note, I'm thinking about running a six word story prompt every Saturday. If you'd like … Continue reading six word story #44


tiny tale #55: The Trojan horse

"Remember, you have to get him to admit that he was the one who ordered the hit. Act as if there's nothing out of the normal. The last thing we want is for him to think that something is fishy.", Danny coached his well-placed 'mole'. The hideous orca and shark heads his daughter had made … Continue reading tiny tale #55: The Trojan horse

short story #9: Tricks of the trade…

Exchanging smug looks, the girls looked down at the gridlock that was moving at a speed worse than a snail's pace. All thanks to Amy's out of the box thinking, the girl gang wouldn't miss their weekend bachelorette party. Ironic that the very thing that made them late in the first place would be the … Continue reading short story #9: Tricks of the trade…

Three Line Tale #8: Maybe another day…

The cool, winter air nipped at her face as Sara stood rooted to the spot, her courage, and determination to take Maxwell for a ride dwindling by the second. Maxwell's head hung low, as his sad eyes continued to stare even as Sara turned and started to walk back home. If only Sara knew that … Continue reading Three Line Tale #8: Maybe another day…

tiny tale #54: New beginnings!

Although the flight was turbulent, the landing wasn't. Clutching their oxygen tanks, the passengers set out to explore their new abode. The round, white spacecraft stood out in sharp relief against the barren, rocky terrain. Earth was too far gone to be saved. Now, it was Mars' turn. (280 characters) This post was written in … Continue reading tiny tale #54: New beginnings!

short story #8: Crow vs Raven…

Aman: It's a raven. Rohith: No, it's a crow. What even makes you think it's a raven? A: Crows always travel in groups, ergo, it's not a crow. R: Well, ravens mostly travel in pairs. So how come your raven isn't? A: It's not my raven. Wait, so you agree that it's a raven? R: … Continue reading short story #8: Crow vs Raven…

six word story #43

Her alluring smile stole many hearts. Please click here to read the six word stories that I've previously published on this blog. Please don't hesitate to like, comment or share this post! 🙂 © 2019 Shweta Suresh. All rights reserved. Follow me on Instagram | twitter |Facebook Image courtesy: Sushant Suresh

Three Line Tale #7: Karma

Young and reckless, they believed that laws were meant to be broken. They took turns to break the glass and spray-paint graffiti and transformed the museum window into an eyesore. But Karma had the last laugh as their actions were finally caught on camera. Written in response to the Three Line Tales, Week 185 prompt … Continue reading Three Line Tale #7: Karma

tiny tale #53: Bumper to bumper!

Google Maps casually alerted her that the usual 15 min ride to work would now be much longer, all thanks to the damn traffic. She took a look at the gridlock that showed no sign of resolving any time soon. Good thing she rode a bicycle to work. The cycle lane wasn't so congested! (280 … Continue reading tiny tale #53: Bumper to bumper!

tiny tale #52: Settling old scores

Obsessed with power and money, humans had transformed Mother Earth into a concrete jungle. Humans had wiped clean the greenery, only to replace it with more of their artificial monstrosities. Smart and intelligent as they were, humans didn't have the slightest idea of what they were up against. "No trespassing" proclaimed the numerous boards that … Continue reading tiny tale #52: Settling old scores