short story #31: The penny-pinching Krupani

Krupani was the wealthiest man in the village. But his heart was not so generous. He was as miserly as they came. Like many wealthy moneylenders, he made his fortune by extracting exorbitant rates of interest. Krupani and his goons literally squeezed money from the poor souls whose misfortune had driven them to borrow money … Continue reading short story #31: The penny-pinching Krupani

short story #30: Déjà vu

The little brick house was the first and the only one that her father had built. Amala and her parents had turned the small house into a beautiful home. They had been extremely happy…until a freak accident snatched her father away from them. His death hit them hard - emotionally and financially. Amala and her … Continue reading short story #30: Déjà vu

short story #29: Baby Lela’s Adventure – Part 2

Preface: As the title implies, this story is a sequel to short story #28: Baby Lela's Adventure - Part 1. This short story probably may not make much sense as a stand-alone story. Click on the link to read the first part. 🙂 The humans put a round object around both of their necks. Lela … Continue reading short story #29: Baby Lela’s Adventure – Part 2

short story #28: Baby Lela’s Adventure – Part 1

Baby Lela was living a perfectly happy life with her parents and the rest of her monkey community. Deep in the forests, they had plenty of trees to climb, swing from, explore, jump, and do anything their hearts wished to do. Although there was always a looming threat of ending up as a predator's meal, … Continue reading short story #28: Baby Lela’s Adventure – Part 1

short story #27: Crossroads

It was well past midnight. The streets were dimly lit by the overhead lamps. The roads were empty and the shops had all closed for the day. The otherwise busy intersection was now deserted. Even the traffic signals had retired after a busy day's work and were flashing amber. This was the very traffic signal … Continue reading short story #27: Crossroads