Gone into reverse

The colour of the sweater that I was wearing, My hair that never failed to frustrate me, The cup of coffee that I last had, The night sky and the alleyway I was walking along, All three had one thing in common, something I was extremely fond of... I stopped loving it when blackness clouded … Continue reading Gone into reverse



Dear childhood, When I was small, all I wanted was to grow up. Just so that I could be an adult who could do anything she wanted, without being told that, "You're too small for that. Wait till you grow up". I hated having to wake up, and get dressed for school. All I wanted … Continue reading Childhood

Beginnings and Endings…

Endings aren't all that bad. They make way for wonderful beginnings, There's nothing sad about endings. After all, it's just the start of something new. Life is like music that changes its beats continuously, never stopping, always changing... Change is a constant. And, while it might seem a bit hard to adapt to the new … Continue reading Beginnings and Endings…

Pitter-patter… The rains are here!

The land and the people sighed with relief, almost as if in unison... The rains had come... at last. They pitter-pattered on my windows, and managed to captivate me with an astounding view. The flowers were starting to shyly poke their heads out, The ground was starting to get swallowed up by the ever growing … Continue reading Pitter-patter… The rains are here!


woman, she

There used to be a time when She wished that she wasn't born a girl, That way she wouldn't have to endure so much All the staring and the demeaning comments That she has ever received, All the annoying conversations about how women had to sacrifice everything for their family, The way how some told … Continue reading She

This Is Love

love, true love, unconditional, mother, baby

She loved him with all her heart... Even though they were yet to have their first meeting. And when they did meet after the long wait, It was nothing like she had expected it to be... Her love for him grew as she gazed into his wonder-filled eyes, Her eyes overflowed with tears as she … Continue reading This Is Love

So what if I broke a mirror!

Oh no! I broke a mirror And yes, it wasn't intentional No, I don't believe I've thrown away the next seven years of my existence... Over a stupid thing Like a broken mirror! Thank God! I didn't cut myself Picking up shards is hard enough The last thing I need is to be bleeding So … Continue reading So what if I broke a mirror!

The Release..

Desolate, she rocked back and forth in her armchair, Staring at the fir trees silhouetted against the moonlit sky Her thoughts scarpering before reason, like the wavering tendrils of her hair, Picking through the ruins of a life left low, dry. Memories, old and new, dull, bright, and wistful, Flashed before her eyes with raw … Continue reading The Release..