Plastic! – a tiny tale

Matilda had always been obsessed with environmental issues. She did her best to be more environment-friendly. She had always wanted to come with a solution to the never-ending plastic problem. Passionate about saving the environment, she even made a career (and eventually a start-up) out of it.Matilda developed a way of recycling even the stubbornest … Continue reading Plastic! – a tiny tale

Mr. Cat’s Adventures – a tiny tale

Hey, you! That's right. You, HOOMAN, why are you staring at me like that? I am sitting here, basking in the sun and trying to enjoy a perfectly lazy day. Oh, and in case you were wondering, I had nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with that missing gold fish. Between you and me though, I … Continue reading Mr. Cat’s Adventures – a tiny tale

Disastrous driving – a tiny tale

Melanie was on yet another driving lesson with her father. It was going somewhat fine until…"Mel, you're going too fast!""Oh, relax, dad. It's only 3rd gear""That IS fast for you. Lower to 2nd""MELANIE! HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU TO PRESS THE CLUTCH BEFORE SHIFTING GEARS""BUT DAAAAD, I PANICKED!""MELANIE, STOP LOOKING AT THE GEAR … Continue reading Disastrous driving – a tiny tale

Balcony garden – a tiny tale

When she felt the stress of reality suffocate her, her small balcony garden provided her with much-needed peace and tranquility. (20 words)This post was written in response to the Twenty-Word Tuesday: Week 34 prompt. Thank you, Bulbul for hosting this challenge. The challenge is to weave a tale in exactly 20 words based on the given … Continue reading Balcony garden – a tiny tale

A ladybird fairy tale – a tiny tale

 The fairy queen Tiana had assigned a task for Adelina. Being a young fairy yet to earn a godchild, Adelina was glad for the opportunity to please her queen. Aidan, Tiana's human godchild had a soccer match. Tiana was worried that her ward might face failure. Adeline transformed into a ladybird. Even with her extra … Continue reading A ladybird fairy tale – a tiny tale