The Furore Over “Daughters”

It's been more than a week since social media has been set ablaze by the storm of protest that ensued - the aftermath of the BBC documentary "India's Daughter" going viral, despite the best efforts by the Indian government to contain the mass outrage. Leslee Udwin may not have dreamed that her documentary could set off such a … Continue reading The Furore Over “Daughters”

The Norms Have to be Challenged

Here's my list of what is to be expected from the Indian society about girls and women. I'm sure that these scathing, reproachful words would have been hurled at most Indian women or their parents at some point in their lives. I am an Indian, but that does not hold me back from being ashamed at "The Indian … Continue reading The Norms Have to be Challenged

The Essence of Ruthless Fabrication!

We have witnessed several lives patch up (now that you think of it, It has been such a rare spectacle!)  but more often than not, we’ve seen several lives fall apart at the seams all thanks to THE media glare - the only kind of glare potent enough to claim human lives. Instead of hitting … Continue reading The Essence of Ruthless Fabrication!

Yet another aviation accident…

We all probably know what has happened so far...                                              It was in the early hours of 28th December 2014 that the Singapore-bound AirAsia flight QZ 8501 with 162 on board, including seven crew members, … Continue reading Yet another aviation accident…

Man-Animal Conflict We often hear about man-animal conflicts. And more often than not, it is man who always emerges victorious... while it may seem that certain 'dire' actions are taken to safeguard the lives of the humans concerned, there is another face to this story... from the animals' perspective... and that is exactly what … Continue reading Man-Animal Conflict