From the streets of Manali

For some reason, I find myself running out of inspiration (and time!) to create new posts. So I decided to repost of the first posts on my blog. This particular post was originally published on February 15,2015. I hope you will enjoy this blast from the past! I first saw him on the streets of … Continue reading From the streets of Manali


Dealing with Cockroaches!

Ahimsa might be a wonderful policy but it is certainly not my policy when it comes to cockroaches and mosquitoes. Since I have already established myself as an accomplished mosquito killer, (through my posts Killing spree, R is for Revenge, and SoCS – Zz) I thought I would share my experiences with cockroaches. Don't get me … Continue reading Dealing with Cockroaches!

Five years later…

Five years ago, our lives were changed forever. This day snatched away a very precious part of our family. We lost Rocky, our beloved Labrador Retriever to a prolonged illness. Our family lost a beloved son. I lost my constant partner in crime, my huggable moron, the only soul who could melt my heart with … Continue reading Five years later…


The sky was bloodshot. The rays of the rising sun cast a reddish glow over the morning sky and painted the clouds red. The morning rays kissed the waiting horizon and spread the light gradually but steadily, dispelling the blanket of darkness. The Golden Orb was yet to make his appearance but his magnificent rays … Continue reading Sunrises

In honour of the festival of lights…

Today, India celebrates Deepavali or Diwali, the festival of lights. Like any other festival, there is a story, or rather several stories behind this particular festival. Being the diverse country that India is, different parts of the country celebrate this festival for different reasons. In South India, (where I hail from) it is celebrated in … Continue reading In honour of the festival of lights…

Life Update #2

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Hello everyone, How have you been? I know it's been months since I went off the radar. This was one of the longest unexplained breaks I've ever taken. I'm really sorry! I have missed the blogosphere. So much has happened over the course of the last few months. I managed to land a great job … Continue reading Life Update #2

Twenty years of Harry Potter Magic!

On this day, exactly twenty years ago, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone hit the book shelves, setting up the foundation for a magical, literary phenomena spread over several books (you can't forget the spinoffs!) and multi-million dollar movie franchise. It's been twenty years since wizards, witches, and Muggles became mainstream! It's been twenty years … Continue reading Twenty years of Harry Potter Magic!

Plant a tree and beat your smartphone addiction!

You know you are way too addicted to your phone when your battery runs out at least twice a day. You might try to stay away from the phone but the different notification dings end your resolution. 😂 *beep beep beep* "Oh, that's Whatsapp" *plink plonk* "Yay! I have a new WordPress notification!" *cling clang* … Continue reading Plant a tree and beat your smartphone addiction!

That was one hell of an Academy Awards ceremony!

The Academy Awards are the most anticipated events when it comes to the Awards circuit. It also happens to be the only award ceremony that I watch loyally, every year by even compromising on sleep. I can be a morning person (and by that I mean crack of dawn, hours before sunrise) on the day of … Continue reading That was one hell of an Academy Awards ceremony!

The Time zone problem!

I could be a morning person if only mornings happened around noon. Early mornings are not my cup of tea. No amount of tea can make mornings better for me. (I was never really into coffee. I'll choose tea over coffee any day!) Anyway, now that I've established that I'm not a morning person, it shouldn't … Continue reading The Time zone problem!

A walk down the memory lane – My college life

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I had started working on this post a long time ago. It took me nearly a year to finally finish the post and click "Publish". It's my longest post till date but I get the feeling that I have missed out a few points! It's hard to cram four years worth of memories into a … Continue reading A walk down the memory lane – My college life

Exam terrors!

When you have spent a long time preparing for an exam, you'll have this strange compulsion to apply for any and every exam that manages to catch your attention. (that has topics in common with the one you are preparing for) You start thinking along the lines of "Yeah. Well. Whatever. I've been preparing for … Continue reading Exam terrors!

Diwali Delights!

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I had been in the process of taking a break from blogging. In fact, I hadn't written anything for the past four months, and I would have gone on... had it not been for this Diwali. When inspiration strikes, I just can't help but give in to the pull. This year, I was able to … Continue reading Diwali Delights!

Confessions of a B.Tech student – Part 2

There goes a saying in Kerala that if you walk into a street and throw a stone at the passers-by, the odds of it hitting an engineer/engineering graduate/engineering student (Oh yes, trust me, these three ARE different!) are extremely high. No surprises there! Keralites are obsessed with Engineering and Medicine! More often than not, most … Continue reading Confessions of a B.Tech student – Part 2

The best of Aagneya ’16!

For most engineering students, college fests are like a perennial dose of a breath of fresh air; and pro shows are always the most awaited part of any college fest. This year's Aagneya was no different. However, this year's edition was special to some of us for a couple of reasons: 1. This was the … Continue reading The best of Aagneya ’16!

For want of better thoughts..

I never imagined I would find myself staring at my blank computer screen, even after what seemed like an eternity. My mind was totally blank. I couldn’t commit to an idea! I pressed ‘delete’ as soon as I typed out a few sentences. Two steps forward, one step backward. The situation was no better than … Continue reading For want of better thoughts..